The latest models of M1A2 tanks reach Korea to boost readiness

The U.S. Army unloaded the newest mod­els of the M1A2 Abrams in Busan port on Jan. 9.

The U.S. Army unloaded some 60 of the newest mod­els of the M1A2 Abrams tanks in Busan on Jan. 9, in an effort to beef up mil­i­tary readi­ness to sup­port defense on the Kore­an Penin­su­la.

“As the Army Prepo­si­tioned Stock, the new mod­els of tanks will be trans­ferred to Camp Car­roll [in North Gyeongsang] soon,” said an U.S. offi­cer under the 19th Sup­port Com­mand of the Eighth U.S. Army in Korea who asked not to be named. “Some of the tanks will be used dur­ing an annu­al joint mil­i­tary drill Key Resolve between Korea and U.S. as an aug­ment­ed mil­i­tary pow­er.”

The Unit­ed States Forces Korea (USFK) said that the newest mod­els of M1A2 Abrams tanks as well as M2A2 Bradley fight­ing vehi­cles are planned to be deployed to the U.S. 2nd Infantry Divi­sion by the end of this May.

The USFK added that the lat­est mod­els are expect­ed to improve sys­tem of oper­at­ing cur­rent mil­i­tary vehi­cles in the 2nd divi­sion. It also explained that new­ly equipped track and fire­pow­er con­trol sys­tem are suit­able for future war­fares.

“The deploy­ment of the newest mod­els of com­bat vehi­cles does not mere­ly means the increase of the num­ber of com­bat vehi­cles, but the enhance­ment of com­bat capa­bil­i­ty,” said Lt. Gen. John John­son, com­man­der of the Eighth U.S. Army. “U.S. troops in Korea will be tak­ing advan­tage of the newest high-tech tanks and fight­ing vehi­cles in the world.”

The lat­est mod­el of the Abrams series, the upgrad­ed 68.7‑ton M1A2, boasts a length of 9.83 meters (32.2 feet), a width of 3.66 meters and a height of 2.44 meters. It can run up to 66.8 kilo­me­ters (41.5 miles) per hour. Up to four crew mem­bers can aboard the tank.

Min­istry of Nation­al Defense, Repub­lic of Korea

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