USA — Service Members to Receive Full April Pay on 15th

WASHINGTON, April 11, 2011 — All ser­vice mem­bers will receive the full pay they have earned in their April 15th pay­checks, Pen­ta­gon offi­cials said today.
“Basi­cal­ly, all active duty and reserve ser­vice mem­bers will receive full mid-month pay on the 15th of April,” Pen­ta­gon spokesman Marine Col. Dave Lapan said. “It may be in two sep­a­rate pay­ments, but on the 15th every­one will receive their full allot­ted pay.”

Con­fu­sion arose about the April 15 pay­day due to the threat­ened clo­sure of the U.S. gov­ern­ment last week. Admin­is­tra­tion and con­gres­sion­al lead­ers came to an agree­ment that end­ed that action late on April 8. 

The Defense Finance and Account­ing Ser­vice had post­ed “net pay advice” to some ser­vice mem­bers, telling them what to expect in their accounts. 

“Those net pay advice state­ments were made … before we knew there was an agree­ment to fund the gov­ern­ment,” Lapan said. “When those were post­ed they only showed par­tial pay­ments, but again, every­one will receive their full pay on the 15th for the duty served and it may be in more than one deposit.” 

Offi­cials urge ser­vice mem­bers to check their end-of-month leave and earn­ings state­ments care­ful­ly. The nor­mal end-of-month state­ments will be post­ed to accounts on April 22. 

The finance and account­ing ser­vice has restored access to all leave and earn­ings state­ments, net pay advice or advice of pay for ser­vice mem­bers on the Mypay website. 

“The most-cur­rent advice of pay will still only show the par­tial pay­ments for April 1–8,” the finance ser­vice post­ed on its web­site. “This will allow us to make sure we can still process pay for April 9–15 and take steps to ensure it is in bank accounts on the 15th.” 

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