Korea – Ammunition depot conducts explosive ordnance disposal drill

On May 22, the 5th Ammunition Depot of the Korean Army Ammunition Support Command (ASC) enhanced the status of the Korean military forces through its explosive ordnance disposal drill.

Personnel of the 5th Ammunition Depot of the Korean Army Ammunition Support Command (ASC) introduce operational equipment to the U.S. military personnel. Provided by the unit

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The command and the U.S. military agreed on the same day to consolidate a cooperative system of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) before signing an MOU for the two countries‘ joint EOD drill.

The drill including a Korean team composed of 21 Korean officers consisting of explosive ordnance disposal control (EODC) officers from the First and Third Corps and of EOD personnel from the ASC, was executed with a team of 5 U.S. military personnel, consisting of Col. Michael Williams, director of the Protection Operations Department of the Eighth United States Army, and his subordinates, in attendance as observers.

The drill involved the removal of the fuses of unexploded ordnance, improvised vehicle explosive device disposal in a simulated counter-terrorism situation, and detonators of faulty ammunition disposal which were carried out in consecutive order.

In particular, during the improvised vehicle explosive device disposal drill, the personnel were grouped to search the interior of a suspect vehicle with protection suits on, and then found and disposed of improvised explosive devices.

It is very difficult in actuality to completely dispose of improvised vehicle explosive devices. Moreover, even a single mistake can cause casualties. Because of that, all the participants completed their tasks without making any mistakes.

After the drill, both sides had a coordination meeting to seek ways to regularly conduct a joint exercise and to make technology cooperation between the sides in order for Korean forces to know the expertise in improvised explosive devices that the U.S. military forces gained through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“The Command will further strengthen its operations capabilities in preparation for actual wars through the procuring of high-tech explosive devices disposal equipment and the exchanging of technology information on the same field between Korean and U.S. militaries,“ said Col. Heo Jang-wuk, commander of the command.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea