Council statement on the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Today, the Foreign Affairs Council agreed the following statement:
“The killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai on 20 January raises issues which are profoundly disturbing to the European Union.

This was an action which cannot be conducive to peace and stability in the Middle East. The EU strongly condemns the fact that those involved in this action have used fraudulent EU Member States‘ passports and credit cards acquired through the theft of EU citizens‘ identities.

The EU welcomes the investigation by the Dubai authorities and calls on all countries to cooperate with it. The countries concerned in the EU are themselves carrying out full investigations into the fraudulent use of their passports.

The EU is committed to ensuring that both EU citizens and countries around the world continue to have confidence in the integrity of EU Member States‘ passports. It believes that its passports remain among the most secure in the world fully meeting all international standards. EU Member States‘ passports include a range of physical security measures to prevent forgery and abuse.”

Council Of The European Union