Modification of Brahmos Missile

Brah­Mos Super­son­ic Cruise Mis­sile has been devel­oped ini­tial­ly as Anti-ship ver­sion for launch from ship to ship for the Indi­an Navy and induct­ed in Ser­vice. Lat­er, land to land ver­sion has been devel­oped for the Indi­an Army and Indi­an Air Force. This ver­sion has been induct­ed in the Army and is under pro­duc­tion for Army and Air Force. Test also has been car­ried out from ship to land tar­get. Coastal bat­tery from Mobile Com­plex on land to ship is also avail­able for the Indi­an Navy. Air-ver­sion of the mis­sile is being devel­oped for SU-30 Mk-I for Indi­an Air Force.

Some parts of the mis­sile com­po­nents, air­frames and air borne launch­er are cur­rent­ly being pro­duced in Thiru­vanan­tha­pu­ram com­plex of Brah­Mos Aero­space. Mul­ti­ple indus­tries of India are part­ners to pro­vide com­po­nents for the­mis­sile and ground sys­tems.

This infor­ma­tion was giv­en by Defence Min­is­ter Shri AK Antony in writ­ten reply to Shri Pradeep Majhi­and Shri Kishnbhai V. Patelin Lok Sab­ha today.