Korean and U.S. Air Forces conduct joint ‘Buddy Wing Exercise’

The Kore­an 15th Com­pos­ite Wing’s 237th Tac­ti­cal Con­trol Squadron and the U.S. 51st Fight­er Wing’s 25th Squadron car­ried out a joint ‘Bud­dy Wing Exer­cise’ on May 24 to have a chance to exchange tac­ti­cal con­trol duty capa­bil­i­ties.

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Two KA‑1 tac­ti­cal con­trol air­craft from the ROK Air Wing and two A‑10 air­craft teamed up for a joint mission. 

The exer­cise was exe­cut­ed in the way that short­ly after the KA‑1’s received a direc­tion from a joint ter­mi­nal attack con­troller (JTAC) in a for­ward posi­tion for the A‑10’s to engage in offen­sive air oper­a­tions, the for­mer sent the infor­ma­tion to the lat­ter to attack only enemy’s ground force with­out inflict­ing any loss on friend­ly force. 

The exer­cise pro­vid­ed the ROKAF and the USAF pilots with a chance to increase under­stand­ing with each oth­er through a removal of the obsta­cles drawn dur­ing the mis­sion and through dis­cus­sions in tactics. 

“This exer­cise offered us an oppor­tu­ni­ty to exchange an advanced tac­ti­cal con­trol meth­ods with our coun­ter­parts and to adjust the pro­ce­dures to con­duct a joint oper­a­tion,” Maj. Kim Beom-yang under the 15th Com­pos­ite Wing said. “We’ll strive to unfail­ing­ly defend our country’s airspace.” 

Min­istry of Nation­al Defense[MND], Repub­lic of Korea 

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