Afghan and ISAF Units Strike Taliban Stronghold

KABUL, Afghanistan (June 27) — A com­bined force of more than 600 Afghan and ISAF forces are con­duct­ing oper­a­tions against al-Qae­da and Tal­iban insur­gents in Kunar Province today. At present, a num­ber of insur­gents have been killed in the attack against al-Qae­da and Tal­iban lead­er­ship in the area.

ISAF and Afghan author­i­ties con­firm three of their forces have died in the bat­tle, includ­ing two U.S. ser­vice­mem­bers.

“We will con­tin­ue to take the fight to the ene­my along­side our Afghan part­ners,” said Maj. Gen. John F. Camp­bell, com­mand­ing gen­er­al of Region­al Com­mand-East. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the fam­i­lies who lost loved ones in the fight against our com­mon ene­mies, the Tal­iban and al-Qae­da”.

The com­bined force has tak­en pre­cau­tions to pre­vent col­lat­er­al dam­age, and ISAF has no reports of injuries to civil­ians.

The fight­ing is ongo­ing.

Press release
Com­piled from Inter­na­tion­al Secu­ri­ty Assis­tance Force Joint Com­mand News Releas­es