Deutschland — Gecko — Unbemanntes Landfahrzeug/Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Gecko — RoboScout Sys­tem — Unmanned Ground Vehi­cle (UGV)

The Land robot­ics sys­tem RoboScout con­sists of a move­able com­mand post and two unmanned ground vehi­cles (UGV) called Gecko. 

Gecko with Sat­com On The Move (SOTM) anten­na
Bild: Jens Hohmann
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The Gecko can be con­trolled over var­i­ous com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nels. There is the pos­si­bil­i­ty to con­trol the Gecko through a satel­lite or ter­res­tri­al radio from a plane as a relay sta­tion to increase the com­mu­ni­ca­tion range. The com­mand­ing post can also steer the Gecko with its sta­tion­ary, ter­res­tri­al anten­na for close range oper­a­tions. Even through a com­put­er that is car­ried along by a sol­dier, the vehi­cle can be steered via WLAN on short distance.

The vehi­cle can fol­low autonomous­ly way­points as well. For this pur­pose it can fol­low a vehi­cle that is dri­ving ahead (con­voy-ser­vice), fol­low­ing pre-pro­grammed way­points (MULE-ser­vice) and dri­ve autonomous­ly a pre­vi­ous­ly self-dri­ven and record­ed route includ­ing obsta­cle detection.

The usage of the UGV can reduce the dan­ger and haz­ard for the deployed sol­diers by tak­ing over risky mis­sions. At the same time the Gecko trans­mits recon­nais­sance data in real time to the com­mand post and it can oper­ate twenty-four-seven.

Fur­ther­more the sys­tem is capa­ble to oper­ate as a com­mu­ni­ca­tion and relay sta­tion to trans­mit auto­mat­i­cal­ly in real time var­i­ous infor­ma­tion over a long dis­tance. This makes it pos­si­ble for the deployed units to increase their trans­mit­ting and receiv­ing range.

With the help of its high-per­for­mance sur­veil­lance plat­form the Gecko can oper­ate as a loca­tion and tar­get spot­ter as well as for bat­tle dam­age assess­ment. Due to the day­light cam­eras and the cooled IR-cam­era the sys­tem is able to per­form sur­veil­lances by day and night. The installed laser scan­ners and the GPS-sys­tem make it pos­si­ble for the Gecko to mea­sure dis­tances up to 40 km and to detect objects.

The sur­veil­lance plat­form can also be upgrad­ed with an almost recoil­less remote machine gun (e.g. FLW100), a guid­ed mis­sile or SIGINT (Sig­nals Intel­li­gence — intel­li­gence-gath­er­ing by inter­cep­tion of sig­nals), and the inte­gra­tion of weapons and elec­tri­cal interferer. 

Bild: Jens Hohmann
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The Gecko respec­tive­ly the RoboScout sys­tem can be trans­port­ed by a flatbed or a trail­er truck as well as with a CH-53 heli­copter. The vehi­cle has got a hybrid propul­sion with a diesel gen­er­a­tor which pro­vides the elec­tri­cal motors with pow­er. The alter­na­tive propul­sion takes place over a lithi­um ion accu­mu­la­tor which is charged through a gen­er­a­tor and makes in this way a noise-damped dri­ve pos­si­ble. The four elec­tri­cal wheel hub motors pro­vide the vehi­cle with a four wheel dri­ve and the abil­i­ty to turn on the spot.

From the oper­a­tion post the Gecko is steered through a steer­ing wheel and a brake and accel­er­a­tor ped­al. For a bet­ter view var­i­ous cam­eras pro­vide the dri­ver with pic­tures which can be watched on three mon­i­tors and for nav­i­ga­tion and loca­tion rea­sons an addi­tion­al­ly mon­i­tor shows the loca­tion and the dri­ven dis­tance in the bird’s eye per­spec­tive on a topo­graph­i­cal map. 


Basic Data
Height:280 cm (total height includ­ing antennas)
Width:232 cm
Length:425 cm
Weight:3800 kg
Ground clearence:40 cm
Wad­ing depth60 cm
Aver­age noise levelDiesel gen­er­a­tor 65 dB(A) / Accu­mu­la­tor 30 dB(A)
Climb­ing performance:100 %
Wheel or track driven:Four (4) wheel drive
Propul­sion:Hybrid with diesel gen­er­a­tor, accu­mu­la­tor and wheel hub motors
Endurance:Diesel 6 h / Accu­mu­la­tor 0.5 h
Max­i­mum speed:60 km/h
Pay­load (on top):a) fixed mount­ed 200 kg
b) flex­i­ble pay­load 200 kg
Pay­load (Trail­er coupling)1,500 kg with over­run brake
Pay­load platform:Move­able plat­form on top of the vehicle
Steer­ing:Steer by wire, four wheel steer­ing, break by wire
Con­trol:Remote con­trol, line of sight and non line of sight
Stairs:Curb up to 40 cm
Com­mu­ni­ca­tion equipment
a) Ter­res­tri­al data/video links between com­mand post and Geck­os as well as inter-vehi­cle com­mu­ni­ca­tion uti­lize VHF/UHF IP based radios
Band­width4.9 Mhz
Data/video rateUp to 4Mbit/s
b) The satelite data/video link uti­lizes a SOTM anten­na mount­ed on top of the Geck­os and an anchor sta­tion anten­na near the com­mand post with approx­i­mate­ly 4.7 m diameter.
BandKU Band
MethodTime divi­sion mul­ti­ple acces (TDMA)
Data/video rateUpstream up to 4Mbit/s, down­stream 500kbit/s (point to point)
Polar­iza­tionHor­i­zon­tal or vertical
c) Ter­res­tri­al ser­vice data link based on WLAN
A unique com­mu­ni­ca­tion com­put­er (Com­Com) sys­tem locat­ed in each Gecko and in the com­mand post auto­mat­i­cal­ly selects the best qual­i­fied avail­able data link for the oper­a­tional mis­sion and opti­mis­es link qual­i­ty and data/video rate.
Sen­sor equipment
Wide angle camera10CRVC758/1,65NO1/4″ Col­or CCD
Dri­ve camera2CCD1000H35/3,6–126 [PAL]1/4″ CCD Col­or camera
Infrared cam­era2Zeiss UCM
Scan­ner systems6Ibeo Lux scanners
INS with inte­grat­ed DGPS1IMAR NAV RQH 10023 Laser Gyros and 3 Accelerom­e­ters sup­port­ed by Kalman Fil­ter; 12 Chan­nel GPS L1, L2, P
CCD and IR cam­eras, LRF1Adapt­ed Zeiss Atti­ca Sys­tem (in pay­load platform)
Source: BASE TEN SYSTEMS Elec­tron­ics GmbH

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