Deutschland — DINGO für sicheres Geleit

DINGO for a safe recov­ery

The mul­ti­tudi­nous and extreme­ly vari­able DINGO 2 fam­i­ly from Krauss-Maf­fei Weg­mann (KMW) has wel­comed a new arrival. The com­pa­ny pre­sent­ed the armoured DINGO 2 recov­ery vehi­cle at the EUROSATORY trade fair in Paris. This vehi­cle com­bines high per­for­mance capa­bil­i­ty with speed. With a hydraulic 10-ton recov­ery winch – the DINGO 2 is suit­able for any inca­pac­i­tat­ed vehi­cle up to the weight class of the DINGO 2 dur­ing tow­ing operation. 

DINGO 2 recovery vehicle
Source: Krauss-Maf­fei Wegmann
DINGO 2 recovery vehicle
Source: Krauss-Maf­fei Wegmann
DINGO 2 recovery vehicle

“Time is of the essence when recov­er­ing vehi­cles that have been involved in acci­dents, and par­tic­u­lar­ly when res­cu­ing the crew in time of cri­sis and con­flict”, says Frank Haun, chair­man of the KMW board of direc­tors in Paris. “This is why the DINGO 2 recov­ery vehi­cle is designed to be able to respond imme­di­ate­ly”. Unlike con­ven­tion­al recov­ery vehi­cles, the new devel­op­ment can fol­low patrol and con­voy vehi­cles in deploy­ment areas because of its size and its out­stand­ing mobility. 

For the first time, this extreme­ly mobile recov­ery ver­sion of the DINGO 2 has three axles (6x6) but is still based on a UNIMOG chas­sis, like the entire DINGO 2 fam­i­ly, mak­ing oper­a­tion, main­te­nance and train­ing eas­i­er. The new vehi­cle weighs 17.5 tons and can there­fore be trans­port­ed by air with­out prob­lems. Like all of the DINGO 2 vehi­cles that are already in the field, the 3‑man crew can rely on the high lev­el of pro­tec­tion that is pro­vid­ed and also keep a close eye on the sit­u­a­tion using the extend­ed rear-view cam­era sys­tem. Like its sis­ter ver­sions, this new devel­op­ment is also intend­ed to be the vehi­cle with the best pro­tec­tion in its class for patrols, ambu­lance oper­a­tions, recon­nais­sance, trans­port, ABC recon­nais­sance mis­sions, bat­tle dam­age repair and main­te­nance. The vehi­cle can also be equipped with the stan­dard­ized KMW FLW 100 (remote-con­trolled light weapon station). 

KMW has devel­oped the con­cept of a mod­u­lar all-round pro­tec­tion trans­port vehi­cle for var­i­ous tac­ti­cal deploy­ment vari­ants over the last few years. The DINGO 2 recov­ery is a fur­ther addi­tion to this suc­cess­ful fam­i­ly of vehi­cles. Over 700 DIN­GOs in var­i­ous are cur­rent­ly in use with five Euro­pean nations. 

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