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India’s policy of extending a hand of friendship and accommodation has been a total failure. On the contrary, it has emboldened Pakistan into considering India to be a soft state and increased its intransigence and hardened its anti-India attitude. How to deal with an unreasonable and hostile neighbour continues to […]

India/Pakistan – Dealing with Pakistan: Time to Face Realities

Pakistan’s description as the fulcrum of Asia is most eminent, as it is located at the junction of South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia and China. Since its inception Pakistan has been traumatised by the weakness and bitter rivalry between its state institutions. Its leaders invariably have relied on external […]

Pakistan: The New Script

Turkey’s besting Iran in the contest for the hearts and minds of advocates of change in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa is proving to be both a blessing and a curse. With tension mounting over Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the perceived window of opportunity for […]

Turkey and Tehran: Caught between a rock and a hard ...

A refusal by Spanish commercial television stations to bid at current rates for rights to broadcast next season’s top league Spanish soccer matches creates an opportunity for the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera network to advance its push into Europe and to become the world’s premier global broadcaster.

Spain’s economic crisis creates opportunity for Al Jazeera

The three A’s that dominate the destiny of Pakistan are the Army, Allah and America – not necessarily in that order. Today the power play in Pakistan is between the declining Super Power of the USA and the rising power of China. In looking too closely at the tactical level […]

Pakistan – Civil Military Relations in Pakistan

Gen Chakravorty talks of Synergy and Jointness in the Indian context. He cites extensively, examples from recent global history. We must look at the American and the UK experience of integrating their armed forces. The first step is the issue of Defence Policy Guideline. The US Secretary of Defence issues […]

India – Jointness For The Armed Forces – Indian Perspective

Synopsis The struggle by Syrian opposition forces to topple the Assad regime is sharpening tensions between Iran and Qatar and threatens sectarian fault lines elsewhere in North Africa and Middle East. Qatar increasingly becomes a potential target for retaliation should the US and/or Israel attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iran/Qatar – The struggle for Syria: Iran-Qatar Ties Come under ...

Little did Vodafone’s Egypt unit know what it was bargaining for when it inked a three-year $9 million sponsorship deal with Al Ahly SC, Egypt and Africa’s most crowned soccer club, whose militant supporters were in the forefront of the popular uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak and have since […]

Egypt – Collaboration with Mubarak costs Vodafone soccer sponsorship and ...

Delegates to a high-powered international sports security conference had a glimpse this week of Qatar’s internal debate about how far the Gulf state should go in meeting Western and world soccer body FIFA demands that offend conservative segments of Qatari society and the royal family.

Qatar – Alcohol debate shines light on divisions in Qatari ...

A highly cerebral former Vice Chief of the Army reflects upon the recent introduction of Nasr Tactical Nuclear Missiles by the Pak Army. He feels this constitutes a paradigm shift which calls for a rethinking of our nuclear and conventional warfighting Doctrines. Pakistan has enough land based missiles to carry […]

India – India’s Nuclear Dilemma

The status of India and Pakistan as declared nuclear powers with growing nuclear arsenals has raised the risks of a nuclear exchange between them, if the two countries engage in a large military conflict. The political leadership in both countries does not seem to have fully grasped the implications of […]

Asia – Limited War and Escalation in South Asia

An excellent civilian perspective on the aspect of Limited wars against a Nuclear backdrop. India is perhaps the only country that faces the challenges arising from having two nuclear neighbours, who closely cooperate with each others’ nuclear programmes and who maintain adversarial relations with her. A nuclear-weapon enabled terrorist threat […]

India – Nuclear neighbourhood: Challenges for India

When we consider the nature of wars in South Asia, which includes China’s border with South Asian nations, at the outset, two important facts need to be noted. Geopolitically, armed conflicts and wars around the world are gradually moving down the paradigm scale of intensity and inclusivity. People do not […]

Asia – Limited Wars in South Asia: Against the Nuclear ...

International human rights group Human Rights Watch has accused Saudi Arabia of kowtowing to assertions by the country’s powerful conservative Muslim clerics that female sports constitute „steps of the devil“ that will encourage immorality and reduce women’s chances of meeting the requirements for marriage.

Saudi Arabia – Human Rights Watch condemns Saudi restriction of ...

Abdelbasset Saroot’s promising future as a goalkeeper dims as Syrian forces encroach ever more on opposition strongholds in the battered city of Homs. A 20-year old player for Syria’s national Under-23 team, soccer is for now the last thing on Mr. Saroot’s mind. A singer of revolutionary folk songs and […]

Syria – Crooning goalkeeper leads Homs protests

The era of the mighty Battleships became history during the Second World War with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. The US became the foremost protagonist of the Carrier Battle Group (CBG) as the prime instrument of power-projection. The 11 CBGs of the US Navy actually make that country a […]

China – Dong Feng 21-D: A Game Changer?