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72nd SAF Brigade

Slowenische Streitkräfte - Wappen 72. SAF Brigade - Slovenian Armed Forces - Crest - 72nd SAF Brigade

The coat of the arms depicts the NATO tactical symbol for a brigade on a golden-edged shield with a black background. Beneath are elements representing the brigade’s units: infantry, artillery and armor.

The brigade was established in 1992 as a HQ responsible for units of the reserve component. It provides elements of combat and combat service support to task capabilities of the main SAF units, battalion, or battalion tactical groups for allied operations and the brigade for operation in Slovenia. Combat support is provided with support units, such as the artillery and the armored battalion and the anti-armor company, and combat service support is provided with NBC and engineer battalions.

The brigade, is the largest of the Slovenian Armed Forces, includes infantry, armor, engineers, artillery, NBC defense, anti-armor and a logistic support unit.

Headquarters and units of the 72nd SAF Brigade

Karte slowenische 72. SAF Brigade - map slovenian 72nd SAF Brigade

The 72nd HQ Logistic Company The unit is designed to support it´s HQ and to provide logistic support for the 72nd Brigade HQ, and is the basis for the establishment of the national support element. Its tasks are: transporting material and personnel; maintaining material at level I; supplying material of Class I to IV, Material and warehouse management; maintaining signals; collecting data; calculating NBC dangers; carrying out their own training.
SAF - The 76th Anti-armour Company< The 76th Anti-armour Company The unit, established in September 1992 as the 76th Anti-armor Division/Battalion, carried out training of conscript soldiers for the duty of PORS-2 anti-armor missile system operators. In July 2004, battalion was transformed into a company, designed to reinforce the maneuver unit during main operations of enemy armored units. It can operate as a whole during main operations of the brigade or as it reserved tasked with destroying enemy tanks and other armored vehicles as well as bunkers and strongholds.
SAF - The 132nd Mountain Battalion The 132nd Mountain Battalion The centerpiece of the unit´s coat of arms is the chamois, representing dexterity and endurance while moving in the mountain areas. Other elements are the edelweiss, a typical flower of the Slovenian Alpine world, the ice axe as an important part of mountaineering equipment, and the green letter G, representing Gorenjska (region in Slovenia), and the Slovenian words for mountains, “gore”, and mountaineering, “gorništvo”.
The mountain battalion was established in June 1992 as the 1st Battalion of the 32nd Alpine Brigade and since May 2004 the battalion is part of the 72nd Brigade. Its tasks are: providing combat readiness and readiness for conducting protection and disaster relief assignments; carrying out training and international obligations.
SAF - The 45th Armoured Battalion The 45th Armoured Battalion The coat of arms depicts a triangular early gothic shield, which is divided in two triangular partitions. The upper part depicts a wolf´s head, in two shades of grey, colored black and red and turned to the left flank of the shield. The lower part depicts the head of common heraldic animal facing the left side of the shield – a unicorn in white color, in combination with gold and grey. The new symbol, thus, combines both symbols of the former two independent units, with unchanged identity. The battalion was established in October 2002 and its main task is the combat against armored units.
SAF - The 74th Amoured Battalion The 74th Amoured Battalion The coat of arms depicts a stag beetle (Lucanus cervus), Europe´s largest beetle. Armored units are highly mobile, provide effective protection and high firepower, thus , the stag beetle is the appropriate symbol to represent the 74th Armoured Battallion. The stag beetle is a giant among beetles, has three pairs of legs, a hard protective amour and fearsome antlers, which are almost like weapons, intimidating his enemies.
The structure and weapons of the battalion enables itself to carry out defensive and offensive combat operations, Counterattacks and rapid reactions in enemy avenues of approach.
SAF - The 460th Artillery Battalion The 460th Artillery Battalion The coat of arms of the unit depicts two gun barrels crossed on a shield, suggesting artillery units in armed forces all around the world. Its main weapon is the 155/45 TN gun-howitzer.
SAF - The 14th Engineer Battalion The 14th Engineer Battalion The shield depicts the tactical symbol for engineers and strength of the battalion, supplemented by two numbers “1” and “4”, making up the numerical designation of the 14th Engineer Battalion. In the centerpiece coat of arms is a hawk, a bird of prey, suggesting a fighting spirit, power and courage. The unit´s qualification for working with explosive ordinance is symbolized by a lit burster in the claws of the hawk.
Engineer units are trained to set-up all types of minefields, construct and strengthen reinforcing obstacles, destroy parts of road and all types of building along them, secure and provide engineer reconnaissance, fortification of command posts, crossing water obstacles, repair of destroyed parts of roads in combat zones.
SAF - The 18th Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence (NBC) Battalion The 18th Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Defence Battalion The centerpiece of the unit´s coat of arms is a yellow mushroom cloud, it is depicted in the middle of a gothic triangular shield and has an inner yellow border and black border on the outside. The mushroom cloud is placed on a green striped ground. The red symbol on the left side represents the sign for chemical dangers, the blue sign on the right suggest biological threats.
The battalion was established in May 1992 and provides capabilities for nuclear, chemical and biological detection and decontamination of units.

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