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1st SAF Brigade

Slowenische Streitkräfte - Wappen 1st SAF Brigade - Slovenian Armed Forces - Crest - 1st SAF Brigade

The coat of arms of the 1st Brigade is represented by a shield, which is diagonally divided by a thickened arrow suggesting the unit’s unyielding nature, striking force and ability of rapid response. The national colors symbolize the appurtenance to the Republic of Slovenia. The cockade in the lower third of the coat of arms denotes the membership of the 1st Brigade. The cockade originates from grenadier units, where the cannonball is replaced by a globe, referring to the unit’s international military co-operation. The association with the Celtic symbol of the sun, encompassing the globe, suggests the participation in enhancing world peace and security. The flame of an explosion is replaced by a plume of four feathers from the tail of a grouse, which Slovenian young men once used to wear on their military caps. The braid in the garland is made of evergreen leaves a symbol of Slovenian peasant risings and national movement.

The 1st Brigade was established in 1998 by transforming the MORiS Brigade. The MORiS Brigade was established at the end of 1990 as part of the National Defense Manoeuvre Structure project, when it started preparations for armed combat with the Yugoslav People’s Army.

The brigade provides forces to support and protect national interests in peacetime and in states of emergency in a strategic or regional environment, and assists in the event of natural and other disasters. The unit’s mission is to conduct operations and combat operations on Slovenian territory, independently or in support of main SAF defense forces. Outside Slovenian territory, it performs peacekeeping and humanitarian missions and carries out other international military obligations of Slovenia.

Headquarters and units of the 1st SAF Brigade

Karte slowenische 1st Brigade - map slovenian 1st brigade

SAF - 10th Motorised Battalion The 10th Motorised Battalion Was established in 1996 as the 10th International Co-operation Battalion. Mission and tasks: training of soldiers performing duties and conducting tasks in peace support as humanitarian operations; deployment as a combat group into areas of operation. In this context it conducts combat operation for defense of key installations or areas, obstruction of enemy breakthrough and combat control of a territory.
SAF - The 20th Motorised Battalion The 20th Motorised Battalion Was established in December 2002. Missions and tasks are as a combat group the deployment to the area of operation, and under the command and as part of MLF (Multinational Land Forces), conducts tasks of peace support and humanitarian operations.
SAF - The 17th Military Police Battalion The 17th Military Police Battalion Was established at the end of July 1991 as a permanent structure platoon for special assignments and was designed for performing independent military and police tasks and anti-commando and anti-terrorist assignments.
SAF - The 670th HQ Logistics Battalion The 670th HQ Logistics Battalion Was established as the 670th Logistic Base in June 1998 and provides logistic support to the operation of the command and units and supports the command and supervision of the 1st Brigade. Tasks: the establishment and maintenance of signals; supply with material of classes I, II, III and IV; maintenance of material at level II; medical provision and damage in the rear area.

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