Robotics Asia 2012 – The Future of Artificial Intelligence

What does the future hold for robotics? What is the next step, or the next technological boundary to overcome? The general trend for computers seems to be faster processing speed, greater memory capacity and so on. One would assume that the robots of the future would become closer and closer to the decision-making ability of humans and also more independent.

Great advances in science and technology have ensured that humans need not do anything on their own, especially with automation entering all facets of human life. It is believed that by 2040, we will achieve the original goal of robotics and a thematic mainstay of science fiction: a freely moving machine with the intellectual capabilities of a human being.

In view of a robot-filled future, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia Association of Research Scientists (MARS), SIRIM, M3 Global and Protemp Exhibitions Sdn Bhd are delighted to bring you Robotics Asia 2012, running in its first ever debut, and the biggest robotics show ever to be held in the region. With participation from pioneers in robotics technology, Robotics Asia aims to introduce the latest in commercial and industrial robotics design from various sectors including aeronautical, aerospace, agriculture, healthcare, and education.

This event will allow you to witness ingenious creations from world leaders in robotics technology from Japan, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom and all around the globe. The exhibition, held alongside the 12th Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 – the largest most popular invention and innovation exhibition in the region, promises to be an awe- inspiring landmark occasion.

Imagine going through everyday life without the convenience of a car’s automated responses? Think again. How could you have ever saved enough time for that crucial lunch appointment without the handy assistance of your robotic vacuum cleaner? Ponder about it. The world is evolving at top-speed, and at this acceleration, it’s impossible for humans to constantly make super-fast breakthroughs without the aid of our robotic chums.

Service robots like Roomba, Robomop and RoboMower have instantaneously increased our time to live and enjoy. In the hardcore industrial sectors, robotics intervention has taken over assembly tasks which are repetitive and unintelligent, or exercise any decision-making skills. While commercial robotics has its popular share of the pie in the market, modern industrial robots are true marvels of engineering. Though the earliest applications were in materials handling, spot welding, and spray painting, jobs that were hot, heavy, and hazardous such as die casting, forging, and spot welding; these days, industrial robots have expanded far and wide to include complex areas such as manufacturing, assembly and logistics, just to name a few.

As our population ages and the number of wage earners become a smaller fraction of our population, it is clear that robots have to fill the void in society. Industrial, and to a greater extent, service robots have the potential to fill this void in the inevitable future.

This spectacular trade fair is aimed at promoting the regional and international players involved in the robotics sector, by providing a common platform to access and collaborate with potential buyers, major distributors and industry peers under one roof. It will showcase the most inventive technologies and tools related to the robotics sector. Robotics Asia

2012 will be a beneficial event for entrepreneurs, buyers, dealers and automation sector professionals looking for new innovations in this field, and who are willing to develop long- lasting partnership and deals.

As such, this regional event which receives worldwide attention is a superb avenue to meet key decision-makers such as academic scientists, agents, buyers, consultants, contractors, dealers, developers and design engineers, distributors, engineering professionals, exporters, importers, manufacturers, investors, and many, many more! If you’re seeking for the latest invention that would spur millions to subscribe to, looking out for a possible partner to invest in your brainchild, or simply curious to be inspired by the world of inventions and innovations – you wouldn’t want to miss out on this occassion that attracts over 20,000 visitors from countries all over the globe.

Among the highlights arranged for the event include: an awe-inspiring exhibition that provides a comprehensive landscape of progress in robotics science; a business-matching session that gives you the valuable opportunity to expand your business horizons and discover new and exciting avenues to explore and use to your advantage; technical seminars, product demonstrations and a networking cocktail.

Hyping this up is the 11th Malaysia Invention & Innovation Awards 2012 which recognizes exemplary and outstanding inventions and innovations within a multitude of technology industries. The Awards identifies scientists and researchers that have achieved excellence in the commercialization of research & development, products and services. Be a part of a regional robotics powerhouse that crowns geniuses, connects you with mega personalities, and paves the path for your business to metamorphose ideas to bank accounts!

This is also an incredible opportunity to be an official sponsor – advertise and actively promote your company / brand name at the biggest regional robotics event – draw attention, make a name, register your brand in visitors’ minds, create brand awareness, achieve broad exposure, and rake in the sales leads that you desire. What’s more, this is also your chance to build new business contacts and valuable relationships.

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