Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 (MTE)

Malaysia Technology Expo

Inventions express the creativity of the creators and the resulting innovations are beneficial to the advancement of whichever realm they are in. In great support of new ideas and Einsteins of the future, the Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 (MTE) has returned for the 11th time and this year, the largest most popular invention and innovation exhibition in the region will once again be displaying the most up-to-date creations that revolutionise every aspect of commerce, trade, information and communication.

MTE 2012 is a melting pot for innovations, ideas and new inventions as well as the annual trade event where industries and investors meet innovators for mutual partnerships to transport new products and technologies into commercialization. Step into a world of inventive creations as an exhibitor or visitor, and take advantage of the vast opportunities available to move your business one step ahead.

Held for three consecutive days at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, this expo will bring together brilliant investors and innovators who aspire to welcome the next millennia before its time. MTE 2012 will feature the latest inventions and innovations from universities, research institutions, individual inventors and corporate sectors from around the world, in opening new platforms for investments and making commercialization of innovations a reality. This year, the exhibition will only prove to be dominated by a high number of inventions – over 100 exhibitors from 18 countries will be showcasing over hundreds of inventions.

You will also witness incredible live demos of science and technology breakthroughs, one of the most renowned platforms for recognising outstanding inventors via the yearly Malaysia Invention and Innovation Awards, now running into its 11th year. This established awards show recognises outstanding inventions and innovations amongst scientists and researchers who have achieved excellence in the commercialization of research & development, products and services within a multitude of technology industries. Committed to the promotion and commercialization of science and technology, the awards have evolved into a global platform for the introduction of inventions and innovations from all around the world. MTE 2012 is supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MOSTI), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS), MSC and SIRIM.

The Awards will be presented by the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS) and PROTEMP Exhibitions Sdn Bhd. It’s an opportune time to strengthen your company’s image via networking with local and international participants, exploring new ideas, and building new research and business contacts.

This year, we are looking for the cream of the crop, inventions and innovations that will create new depths in the industry, and have true first-class potential of penetrating into the international market.

Mark your calendars and make a date with MTE 2012!

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Malaysia Technology Expo
Malaysia Technology Expo