USAUS Military contracts for FY12


            Lock­heed Mar­tin Glob­al Train­ing and Logis­tics, Orlan­do, Fla., is being award­ed a $94,000,000 cost-plus-fixed-fee indef­i­nite-deliv­ery/in­def­i­nite-quan­ti­ty con­tract to acquire ser­vices for build­ing and main­tain­ing net­work infra­struc­ture, devel­op­ing and main­tain­ing soft­ware and hard­ware solu­tions, and con­duct­ing dis­trib­uted mis­sion oper­a­tions engi­neer­ing activ­i­ties for the Dis­trib­uted Mis­sion Oper­a­tions Cen­ter.  The loca­tion of the per­for­mance is Kirk­land Air Force Base, N.M.  Work is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed by Jan. 31, 2017.  AFNWC/PKE, Kirk­land Air Force Base, N.M., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (FA9422-12-D-0001).

            Fort Mojave Ser­vices II, Mohave Val­ley, Ariz., is being award­ed a $9,200,000 dol­lar fixed-price incen­tive, cost-plus-fixed-fee and cost-reim­burse­ment no-fee con­tract for main­te­nance, mod­i­fi­ca­tion, and mod­ern­iza­tion for the aging facil­i­ty, prop­er­ty, and West­ern Range sup­port equip­ment to ensure suc­cess­ful per­for­mance dur­ing tests, oper­a­tions and launch.  The scope of this con­tract is to pro­vide man­age­ment and sup­port, main­te­nance and repair, oper­a­tions, oth­er ser­vices and minor facil­i­ty alter­ation.  The con­trac­tor shall apply the ser­vices to the West­ern Range, launch, oper­a­tion, and test facil­i­ties.  Ser­vices required also include peri­od­ic main­te­nance, oper­a­tion, and repair of var­i­ous infra­struc­ture, and manda­to­ry cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, main­te­nance, and oper­a­tions of facil­i­ty prop­er­ty and equip­ment which sup­port crit­i­cal mis­sion require­ments.  The loca­tion of the per­for­mance is Van­den­berg Air Force Base, Calif.  Work is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed by Feb. 1, 2013.  30 CONS/LGZG, Van­den­berg Air Force Base, Calif., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (FA4610-12-C-0004).


            Cana­di­an Com­mer­cial Corp., Gen­er­al Dynam­ics Land Sys­tems — Cana­da, Ontario, Cana­da, is being award­ed a $16,300,397 firm-fixed-priced mod­i­fi­ca­tion under pre­vi­ous­ly award­ed con­tract (M67854-07-D-5028) for the pro­cure­ment of 111 field ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­tives to install engi­neer­ing change pro­pos­als on RG-31 Mine Resis­tant Ambush Pro­tect­ed (MRAP) vehi­cles at the MRAP sus­tain­ment facil­i­ty in Kuwait.  The costs include mobi­liza­tion, labor, trans­porta­tion, equip­ment, lodg­ing and tools required for the effort.  Work will be com­plet­ed in Kuwait, and is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed Jan­u­ary 31, 2013.  Fis­cal 2010 oth­er pro­cure­ment Army con­tract funds will expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year.  Marine Corps Sys­tems Com­mand, Quan­ti­co, Va., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.

            Bell Boe­ing Joint Project Office, Amar­il­lo, Texas, is being award­ed a $7,283,403 mod­i­fi­ca­tion to a pre­vi­ous­ly award­ed fixed-price-incen­tive-fee V‑22 mul­ti-year pro­duc­tion con­tract (N00019-07-C-0001) to pro­vide for pro­duc­tion line prepa­ra­tion and pro­duc­tion incor­po­ra­tion of unique iden­ti­fi­ca­tion marked parts for MV and CV Lot 16 air­craft.  Work will be per­formed in Philadel­phia, Pa. (73 per­cent); Fort Worth, Texas (17 per­cent); and Amar­il­lo, Texas (10 per­cent).  Work is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed in Octo­ber 2014.  Con­tract funds will not expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year.  The Naval Air Sys­tems Com­mand, Patux­ent Riv­er, Md., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.


            Siko­rsky Air­craft Corp., Strat­ford, Conn., was issued a mod­i­fi­ca­tion exer­cis­ing the sixth option year on con­tract SPM4AX-12-D-9402P00006.  The award is a firm-fixed-price, sole-source con­tract with a max­i­mum $13,978,488 for air duct assem­blies. This noti­fi­ca­tion is for addi­tion to the unit pric­ing of an exist­ing con­tract.  No deliv­ery order is being issued at this time and there­fore no fund­ing was required.  There are no oth­er loca­tions of per­for­mance.  Using ser­vice is Army.  Date of com­ple­tion is July 7, 2012.  The Defense Logis­tics Agency Avi­a­tion, Red­stone Arse­nal, Ala., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.

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