USAUS Military contracts for FY11


     Bech­tel Plant Machin­ery, Inc., Mon­roeville, Pa., is being award­ed a $261,564,863 cost-plus-fixed-fee con­tract for naval nuclear propul­sion com­po­nents.  Funds in the amount of $140,761,199 are oblig­at­ed at time of award. Work will be per­formed in Mon­roeville, Pa. (97.7 per­cent), and Sch­enec­tady, N.Y. (2.3 per­cent). Con­tract funds in the amount of $1,000,000 will expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. This con­tract was not com­pet­i­tive­ly pro­cured. No com­ple­tion date or addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion is pro­vid­ed on naval nuclear propul­sion pro­gram con­tracts. Naval Sea Sys­tems Com­mand, Wash­ing­ton, D.C., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (N00024-12-C-2106).

     Rolls-Royce Corp., Indi­anapo­lis, Ind., is being award­ed a $13,735,723 mod­i­fi­ca­tion to a pre­vi­ous­ly award­ed firm-fixed-price con­tract (N00019-10-C-0020) to exer­cise an option for main­te­nance ser­vices in sup­port of the V-22 AE1107C tur­boshaft engines.Work will be per­formed in Oak­land, Calif. (70 per­cent), and Indi­anapo­lis, Ind. (30 per­cent), and is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed in Novem­ber 2012. Con­tract funds in the amount of $13,672,071 will expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. The Naval Air Sys­tems Com­mand, Patux­ent Riv­er, Md., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.

     Val­ley Tech Sys­tems, Inc.*, Fol­som, Calif. (N68936-10-D-0002); Advanced Inte­grat­ed Sys­tems*, San­ta Bar­bara, Calif. (N68936-10-D-0003); LC Engi­neers, Inc.*, Rah­way, N.J. (N68936-10-D-0004); and New Direc­tions Tech­nolo­gies, Inc.*, Ridge­crest, Calif. (N68936-10-D-0005), are each being award­ed firm-fixed-price mod­i­fi­ca­tions to pre­vi­ous­ly award­ed indef­i­nite-deliv­ery/in­def­i­nite-quan­ti­ty mul­ti­ple award con­tracts to exer­cise options for advanced tech­nol­o­gy prod­ucts in sup­port of the Naval Air War­fare Cen­ter Weapons Division’s Weapons Pro­to­type Divi­sion. Prod­ucts and sup­port to be pro­vid­ed include elec­tron­ic com­po­nents and sys­tems, mechan­i­cal com­po­nents and sys­tems, ener­getic mate­ri­als and sys­tems, chem­i­cal mate­ri­als and com­po­nents, fab­ri­ca­tion, assem­bly, plating/painting/finish, and pack­ing and ship­ping. The aggre­gate not-to-exceed amount for these mul­ti­ple award mod­i­fi­ca­tions is $8,166,666, and the com­pa­nies will have fair oppor­tu­ni­ty to bid on each indi­vid­ual task order. Work will be per­formed in Fol­som, Calif.; San­ta Bar­bara, Calif.; Rah­way, N.J.; and Ridge­crest, Calif., and is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed in Novem­ber 2012. Funds will be oblig­at­ed on indi­vid­ual deliv­ery orders as they are issued. Con­tract funds will not expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. The Naval Air War­fare Cen­ter Weapons Divi­sion, Chi­na Lake, Calif., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.


     Ster­ling Foods, L.L.C., San Anto­nio, Texas, was award­ed a firm-fixed-price con­tract with a max­i­mum $32,464,106 for Meal, Ready-to-Eat bak­ery com­po­nents. Oth­er loca­tion of per­for­mance is in Cal­i­for­nia. Using ser­vice is Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and fed­er­al civil­ian agen­cies. There were five solic­i­ta­tions with three responses.Type of appro­pri­a­tion is fis­cal 2012/2013 Defense Work­ing Cap­i­tal Funds. The date of per­for­mance com­ple­tion is Dec. 30, 2012. The Defense Logis­tics Agency Troop Sup­port, Philadel­phia, Pa., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (SPM3S1-12-D-Z100).

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