USAUS Military contracts for FY11


Life­port, Inc., Wood­land, Wash., was award­ed a five-year base peri­od, fixed-price with eco­nom­ic price adjust­ment quan­ti­ty con­tract with a max­i­mum $45,484,320 for stan­chion lit­ter sys­tems with instal­la­tion kits and fab­ric trans­port cas­es. There are no oth­er loca­tions of per­for­mance. Using ser­vices are Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The date of per­for­mance com­ple­tion is April 4, 2016. The Defense Logis­tics Agency Troop Sup­port, Philadel­phia, Pa., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty. (SPM200-11-D-8206).


Chavis-Barn­hill Con­struc­tion, LLC, Red Springs, N.C. (FA4809-11-D-C002); D.E. Walker/Edison Foard, LLC, Char­lotte, N.C. (FA4809-11-D-C003); Guerrero/Pence Group, LLC, Rae­ford, N.C. (FA4809-11-D-C004); M.W. Squared, LP, Red Springs, N.C. (FA4809-11-D-C005); and Richard Brady & Asso­ciates, Inc., Matthews, N.C. (FA4809-11-D-C006) are each being award­ed a max­i­mum $45,000,000 total indef­i­nite-deliv­ery/in­def­i­nite-quan­ti­ty mul­ti­ple award con­struc­tion con­tract for a broad range of main­te­nance, repair and minor con­struc­tion projects on real prop­er­ty at Sey­mour John­son Air Force Base, Dare Coun­ty Bomb Range, and Fort Fish­er, N.C. Bids were solicit­ed elec­tron­i­cal­ly and 15 were sub­mit­ted. The 4th Con­tract­ing Squadron, Sey­mour John­son Air Force Base, N.C., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.

Lock­heed Mar­tin Corp., Mari­et­ta, Ga., is being award­ed a $21,400,000 con­tract mod­i­fi­ca­tion for MC-130J incre­ment three. The over­all scope of this effort is to add the C‑130J Block 7.0 upgrades and a spe­cial mis­sion proces­sor capa­bil­i­ty that include both devel­op­men­tal and inte­gra­tion of known/low risk improve­ments. The MC-130J unique incre­ment three effort includes non-recur­ring engi­neer­ing to devel­op one tri­al kit instal­la­tion and devel­op­men­tal test of the incre­ment three capa­bil­i­ty on one MC-130J incre­ment two air­craft. The ASC/WLNNC, Wright Pat­ter­son Air Force Base, Ohio, is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (FA8625-11-C-6597 PO0002).


Northrop Grum­man Sys­tems Corp., Beth­page, N.Y., is being award­ed a $21,253,399 firm-fixed-price order against a pre­vi­ous­ly issued basic order agree­ment (N00019-10-G-0004) for spare con­sum­ables and spare repairables for the E‑2D Advanced Hawk­eye low rate ini­tial pro­duc­tion lot two air­craft and Hawk­eye Inte­grat­ed Train­ing Sys­tem train­ers. Work will be per­formed in El Segun­do, Calif. (30 per­cent); Syra­cuse, N.Y. (23 per­cent); Wood­land Hills, Calif. (7.6 per­cent); Men­lo Park, Calif. (6.4 per­cent); Marl­bor­ough, Mass. (6.1 per­cent); Beth­page, N.Y. (3.6 per­cent); Indi­anapo­lis, Ind. (3.1 per­cent); Rolling Mead­ows, Ill. (1.6 per­cent); St. Augus­tine, Fla. (.75 per­cent); and var­i­ous loca­tions through­out the Unit­ed States (17.85 per­cent). Work is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed in July 2015. Con­tract funds will not expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. The Naval Air Sys­tems Com­mand, Patux­ent Riv­er, Md., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.

Integri­ty Appli­ca­tions, Inc.*, Chan­til­ly, Va., is being award­ed an $8,246,311 cost-plus-fixed-fee, indef­i­nite-quan­ti­ty/in­def­i­nite-deliv­ery con­tract for research, devel­op­ment, sys­tem engi­neer­ing and tech­ni­cal assis­tance for com­mand, con­trol, intel­li­gence, sur­veil­lance and recon­nais­sance sys­tems. Work will be per­formed in Chan­til­ly, Va. (80 per­cent), and Chi­na Lake, Calif. (20 per­cent), and is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed in May 2013. Con­tract funds will not expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. This con­tract was not com­pet­i­tive­ly pro­cured. The Naval Air War­fare Cen­ter Weapons Divi­sion, Chi­na Lake, Calif., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (N68936-11-D-0022).

CORRECTION: Navy con­tract award­ed on March 7, 2011, to Bris­tol Design Build Ser­vices, LLC*, Anchor­age, Alas­ka (N40085-11-D-8807); Gra­hams Con­struc­tion, Inc.*, Del­co, N.C. (N40085-11-D-8009); The Guer­rero-Pence Group, LLC*, Rae­ford, N.C. (N40085-11-D-8010); FYI Tech­nol­o­gy, Inc.*, Apex, N.C. (N40085-11-D-8008); Richard Brady & Asso­ciates, Inc.*, Matthews, N.C. (N40085-11-D-8011); and WECC, Inc.*, Fayet­teville, N.C. (N40085-11-D-2012), is revised to show sev­enth com­pa­ny Mil­i­tary & Fed­er­al Con­struc­tion Co., Inc.*, Jack­sonville, N.C. (N40085-11-D-8017), as shar­ing in the com­bined $100,000,000 award.

*Small busi­ness

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