USAUS Military contracts for FY10


Lock­heed Mar­tin Corp., MS2 Radar Sys­tems, Syra­cuse, N.Y., is being award­ed a ceil­ing $70,000,000 indef­i­nite-deliv­ery/in­def­i­nite-quan­ti­ty con­tract for the con­tin­ued main­te­nance and sus­tain­ment of the AN/TPS-59(V)3 three-dimen­sion­al long-range radar sys­tem. This acqui­si­tion is for the con­tin­ued post-pro­duc­tion life cycle sup­port of the AN/TPS-59 radar sys­tem and includes engi­neer­ing stud­ies, eval­u­a­tions, and analy­sis in order to sup­port sys­tem improve­ments, elim­i­nate obso­les­cence, and cap­i­tal­ize on tech­nol­o­gy inser­tions. The con­tract pro­vides for the design, devel­op­ment, pro­duc­tion, and incor­po­ra­tion of hard­ware, soft­ware, and firmware in sup­port of accept­ed engi­neer­ing change pro­pos­als (ECPs) into the end item base­line. The con­tract also pro­vides for con­trac­tor logis­tics sup­port (CLS) for the pro­vi­sion­ing of data prod­ucts sub­se­quent to ECP pro­cure­ment, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to: parts list iden­ti­fi­ca­tion data, engi­neer­ing draw­ings, change pages to draw­ings, change pages to tech­ni­cal man­u­als (TMs) and updates to inter­ac­tive elec­tron­ic TMs. Addi­tion­al­ly, the con­tract pro­vides CLS in the form of a ven­dor lev­el main­te­nance pro­gram and con­trac­tor engi­neer­ing and tech­ni­cal sup­port ser­vices. Work will be per­formed in Syra­cuse, N.Y., and is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed April 2015. Con­tract funds will not expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. Marine Corps Sys­tems Com­mand, Quan­ti­co, Va., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (M67854-10-D-2200).

EDO Com­mu­ni­ca­tions & Coun­ter­mea­sures Sys­tems, Thou­sand Oaks, Calif., is being award­ed a $20,795,230 mod­i­fi­ca­tion to a pre­vi­ous­ly award­ed con­tract (N00024-07-C-6311) to exer­cise options for the pro­duc­tion and sup­port of 436 Joint Counter Radio-Con­trolled Impro­vised Explo­sive Device Elec­tron­ic War­fare (JCREW) 2.1 sys­tems with the Band C engi­neer­ing change pro­pos­al upgrade. Work will be per­formed in Thou­sand Oaks, Calif., and is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed by Sep­tem­ber 2010. Con­tract funds in the amount of $5,773,945 will expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. The Naval Sea Sys­tems Com­mand, Wash­ing­ton, D.C., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.

Har­ris Corp., Lynch­burg, Va., is being award­ed a $9,196,796 mod­i­fi­ca­tion to a pre­vi­ous­ly award­ed indef­i­nite-deliv­ery/in­def­i­nite-quan­ti­ty, firm-fixed-price con­tract (N65236-07-D-5115) for land mobile radio sys­tems and equip­ment for the Hier­ar­chi­cal Yet Dynam­i­cal­ly Repro­gram­ma­ble Archi­tec­ture (HYDRA) wire­less inte­ri­or com­mu­ni­ca­tions pro­gram. The cumu­la­tive val­ue of this con­tract, includ­ing this mod­i­fi­ca­tion, is $39,196,795. Work will be per­formed in Lynch­burg, Va., and is expect­ed to be com­plet­ed by Novem­ber 2010. Con­tract funds will not expire at the end of the cur­rent fis­cal year. This con­tract was not com­pet­i­tive­ly pro­cured. The Space and Naval War­fare Sys­tems Cen­ter Atlantic, Charleston, S.C., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty.


Aegis Tech­nolo­gies Group, Inc., Huntsville, Ala., was award­ed a $20,481,517 con­tract which will pro­vide the Air Force Mod­el­ing and Sim­u­la­tion Train­ing Toolk­it, which is a non-com­mer­cial, gov­ern­ment-owned sim­u­la­tion sys­tem used to train the Joint Force Com­mand, Joint Force Air Com­po­nent Com­man­der, and their bat­tle staff in mul­ti­ple fed­er­a­tion envi­ron­ments. At this time, $1,483,700 has been oblig­at­ed. 753 ESG, Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (FA8731-10-C-0003).


Lion-Vallen, LP, Day­ton, Ohio is being award­ed a max­i­mum $15,200,000 ser­vice con­tract to fur­nish ware­hous­ing, stor­age, logis­tics, and dis­tri­b­u­tion func­tions for Army cloth­ing and tex­tile require­ments. Oth­er loca­tions of per­for­mance are Vir­ginia and Ken­tucky. Using ser­vices are Army and fed­er­al civil­ian agen­cies. There were orig­i­nal­ly 50 pro­pos­als solicit­ed with sev­en respons­es. The date of per­for­mance com­ple­tion is Nov. 13, 2010. The Defense Sup­ply Cen­ter Philadel­phia, Philadel­phia, Pa., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (SP0100-99-C-0333).

Hon­ey­well Inter­na­tion­al, Inc., Tempe, Ariz. is being award­ed a max­i­mum $7,602,305 firm-fixed, sole-source con­tract for anti-icing valves. There are no oth­er loca­tions of per­for­mance. Using ser­vice is Army. There was orig­i­nal­ly one pro­pos­al solicit­ed with one response. The date of per­for­mance com­ple­tion is Jan. 1, 2014. The Defense Logis­tics Agency (DSCR-AH), Red­stone Arse­nal, Ala., is the con­tract­ing activ­i­ty (SPRRA1-10-D-0011).

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