USA – Services Meet or Exceed April Recruiting Goals

WASHINGTON, May 17, 2010 – All four services met or exceeded their April recruiting goals for their active and reserve components, Defense Department officials reported today.

Navy active-duty and reserve numbers are preliminary, however, because flooding required Navy Personnel Command officials to take some information technology systems down temporarily, officials said.

Here are the April active-duty recruiting numbers:

— Army: 6,287 accessions with a goal of 6,056 for 104 percent;

— Navy: 2,618 accessions with a goal of 2,618 for 100 percent;

— Marine Corps: 798 accessions with a goal of 795 for 100 percent; and

— Air Force: 2,275 accessions with a goal of 2,275 for 100 percent.

Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force retention are above goals for the first seven months of the fiscal year. Navy retention information was unavailable due to the flooding.

Here are the reserve-components‘ recruiting numbers for April:

— Army National Guard: 6,774 accessions with a goal of 5,150 for 132 percent;

— Army Reserve: 2,191 accessions with a goal of 2,070 for 106 percent;

— Navy Reserve: Accession figures were unavailable for the goal of 351;

— Marine Corps Reserve: 705 accessions with a goal of 513 for 137 percent;

— Air National Guard: 701 accessions with a goal of 487 for 144 percent; and

— Air Force Reserve: 829 accessions with a goal of 784 for 106 percent.

Attrition in all reserve components was within acceptable limits, officials said.

U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)