USA – Services Meet, Exceed Recruiting, Retention Goals

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2011 – Recruiting and retention remained high throughout the services for the first five months of the fiscal year, according to numbers Pentagon officials released today.
Through February, all four active-duty services and four of the five reserve components had met or exceeded their recruiting goals for fiscal 2011, which began Oct. 1, officials said. The Air National Guard had met 99 percent of its goal, of recruiting 2,779 new members since the fiscal year began.

Here’s where the active-duty services stand for fiscal 2011 recruiting through February:
— Army: 28,112 accessions, for 102 percent of its goal of 27,500;
— Navy: 12,795 accessions for exactly 100 percent of its goal;
— Marine Corps: 9,681 accessions, exceeding 100 percent of its goal of 9,656; and
— Air Force: – 11,728 accessions for exactly 100 percent of its goal.
Here are the reserve component fiscal 2011 recruiting figures through February:
— Army National Guard: 22,694 accessions, 104 percent of its goal of 21,777;
— Army Reserve: 12,708 accessions, with a goal of 11,427, for 111 percent;
— Navy Reserve: 3,297 accessions for exactly 100 percent of its goal;
— Marine Corps Reserve: 4,310 accessions, for 113 percent of its goal of 3,820; 113 percent;
— Air National Guard: 2,770 accessions, 99 percent of its goal of 2,779; and
— Air Force Reserve – 3,762 accessions, exceeding its goal of 3,748.

All of the active-duty services and reserve components are on target to meet their fiscal-year retention and attrition goals, officials said.

U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)

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