USA — Recruiting, Retention Stay High Throughout Services

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15, 2010 — Recruit­ment and reten­tion remained high through­out the ser­vices for the first two months of the fis­cal year, with only the Air Nation­al Guard miss­ing its acces­sions goal, accord­ing to num­bers Pen­ta­gon offi­cials released today.
All four active-duty ser­vices met or exceed­ed their numer­i­cal acces­sion and reten­tion goals for Octo­ber and Novem­ber. The num­ber of new recruits is 14,108 for Army; 4,807 for Navy; 4,785 for Air Force; and 4,447 for the Marine Corps. The num­bers reflect 100 per­cent of the recruit­ment goal for Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, and 102 per­cent for Army.

All four of the active-duty ser­vices also met or exceed­ed their goals for retain­ing mem­bers dur­ing Octo­ber and Novem­ber.

Five of the six reserve com­po­nents met or exceed­ed their recruit­ment goals, with Marine Corps Reserve com­ing in the high­est with 1,953 acces­sions, or 124 per­cent of its goal. The Army Reserve brought in 111 per­cent of its goal with 5,514 acces­sions, while Army Nation­al Guard brought in 108 per­cent of its goal with 9,563 acces­sions. Navy Reserve main­tained 100 per­cent of its goal by bring­ing on board 1,305 acces­sions; and Air Force Reserve had 1,524 acces­sions, or 101 per­cent of its goal.

Only the Air Nation­al Guard fell short of its goal of 1,203 acces­sions by hav­ing 1,048 new recruits, or 87 per­cent of its goal.

All of the reserve com­po­nents were con­sid­ered to be with­in accept­able lim­its of attri­tion, offi­cials said.

U.S. Depart­ment of Defense
Office of the Assis­tant Sec­re­tary of Defense (Pub­lic Affairs)

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