UPDATE Afghan-Led Force Detains Haqqani Facilitator in Paktiya

KABUL, Afghanistan (Aug. 12) – International Security Assistance Force confirmed the capture of a Haqqani Network facilitator during an Afghan-led security force operation in Paktiya province Saturday.

The facilitator is one of several suspected Haqqani insurgents detained. During the operations, the security force targeted a series of compounds northwest of Darabal Kala in Gardez district to search for the facilitator. Afghan forces called for all residents to exit the compound peacefully and then secured the area. The assault force then detained several suspected insurgents at the compound. Multiple automatic weapons and assorted military gear, including a GPS system with pre-loaded IED positions were found at the scene. The security force then moved to a gas station in the area after intelligence indicated the target individual might be located there. Afghan forces called for all occupants to exit the buildings peacefully and then secured the area. They detained facilitator from that location.

„We continue targeting Haqqani Network leadership as long as they continue attacks against the Afghan people,“ said U.S. Army Col. Rafael Torres, International Security Assistance Force Joint Command Combined Joint Operations Center director.

„Since July 1, Afghan and coalition forces have detained almost 20 Haqqani Network leaders and nearly 100 suspected Haqqani insurgents.“

The security force did not fire their weapons and they protected the women and children throughout the searches.

Editors Note: This update is to IJC News Release 1010-08-CA-070

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Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

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