UK — Operational Honours and Awards List: 24 September 2010

A total of 131 mem­bers of the Armed Forces have received hon­ours and awards in the Oper­a­tional Hon­ours List dat­ed today, 24 Sep­tem­ber 2010.

The full list, which recog­nis­es ser­vice on oper­a­tions in Afghanistan and nation­al oper­a­tions for the peri­od 1 Octo­ber 2009 to 31 March 2010, is below.


Offi­cer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Lieu­tenant Colonel Hen­ry Robert Down­ing FULLERTON, The Life Guards
Lieu­tenant Colonel Nicholas John LOCK, The Roy­al Welsh

Mem­ber of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Major Christo­pher David DAVIES, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Major Tim­o­thy John HARRIS, The Rifles
Major Patrick Simon REEHAL, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps
Major Richard Giles STREATFEILD, The Rifles
Major Toby Patrick Oughtred TILL, Cold­stream Guards

Dis­tin­guished Ser­vice Order (DSO)

Brigadier James Michael COWAN, OBE late The Black Watch
Colonel Har­ry Arthur Blair HOLT, OBE late Irish Guards
Lieu­tenant Colonel Nicholas Jan KITSON, The Rifles
Lieu­tenant Colonel Charles Roland Vin­cent WALKER, Grenadier Guards

Con­spic­u­ous Gal­lantry Cross (CGC)

Sergeant Robert TURNER, Roy­al Marines
Cap­tain Robin Edwin Geof­frey BOURNETAYLOR, The Life Guards
Cor­po­ral Lee BROWNSON, The Rifles, (Killed in action)
Lance Cor­po­ral Gra­ham Stu­art HORN, The Para­chute Reg­i­ment
Lance Cor­po­ral James Lee McK­IE, The Rifles

Mil­i­tary Cross (MC)

Major Nigel John Pow­ell SOMERVILLE, MBE Roy­al Marines
Sergeant Richard Edward WISEMAN, Roy­al Marines
Act­ing Colour Sergeant Paul Edward BAINES, Cold­stream Guards
Act­ing Cor­po­ral Sarah Louise BUSHBYE, Roy­al Army Med­ical Corps
Lieu­tenant Dou­glas Antho­ny Kei­th DALZELL, Cold­stream Guards, (Killed in action)
Lance Cor­po­ral Daniel John FLETCHER, Roy­al Army Med­ical Corps
Cor­po­ral Ricky Paul FURGUSSON, The Rifles
Sergeant Ash­ley Robert HILL, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Rifle­man Har­ry LANCELEY, The Rifles, (dis­charged)
Lieu­tenant Col­in William LUNN, The York­shire Reg­i­ment
Lieu­tenant Colonel Angus Don­ald MACGILLIVRAY, The Roy­al Reg­i­ment of Scot­land
Lance Cor­po­ral Marc Antho­ny READER, Cold­stream Guards
Cor­po­ral George Fin­au SALE, The Roy­al Welsh
Lieu­tenant Craig Angus SHEPHARD, Grenadier Guards
Sergeant Adam Charles SWIFT, Cold­stream Guards
Lance Cor­po­ral Andrew WARDLE, The York­shire Reg­i­ment
Cor­po­ral David Thomas WILLIAMS, The Roy­al Welsh
Staff Sergeant Gareth David WOOD, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps

Dis­tin­guished Fly­ing Cross (DFC)

Flight Lieu­tenant Ian Antho­ny FORTUNE, Roy­al Air Force
Flight Lieu­tenant Andrew Michael NETHAWAY, Roy­al Air Force
Flight Lieu­tenant Tim­o­thy Richard POLLARD, Roy­al Air Force

George Medal (GM)

Act­ing War­rant Offi­cer Class 2 Karl John Fair­fax LEY, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps

Queen’s Gal­lantry Medal (QGM)

Pri­vate Cal­lum John BROTHERSTON, The Roy­al Reg­i­ment of Scot­land
Cor­po­ral John Alexan­der HARDMAN, The York­shire Reg­i­ment
Lance Cor­po­ral Julie Eliz­a­beth MAY, Roy­al Army Med­ical Corps
Cor­po­ral Robert Alan NEALEY, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps
Rifle­man Ross David ROBINSON, The Rifles, (since deceased)
Sergeant John Arthur SWITHENBANK, The York­shire Reg­i­ment
Rifle­man Reece William Steven­son TERRY, The Rifles

Men­tion in Despatch­es (MiD)

Marine Tobias GUTTERIDGE, Roy­al Marines
Guards­man Emmanuel ATTUQUAYEFIO, Grenadier Guards
Lance Cor­po­ral Lee Colum BLAKE, The Para­chute Reg­i­ment
Lance Cor­po­ral Niko­ti­mo BOLATAGANE, The York­shire Reg­i­ment
Lance Cor­po­ral Daniel Col­in James BRAMLEY, Grenadier Guards
Lieu­tenant Simon Mark BROOMFIELD, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Cor­po­ral Daryl Alan BRYANT, The Rifles
Guards­man Lewis Nigel COULBERT, Grenadier Guards
Colour Sergeant Christo­pher Stephen Mark DUNDON, The Roy­al Welsh
Cap­tain Hugo James Edward FARMER, CGC, The Para­chute Reg­i­ment
Sergeant Paul Mau­rice FOX, Corps of Roy­al Engi­neers, (Killed in action)
Lance Bom­bardier Craig FROGGETT, Roy­al Reg­i­ment of Artillery
Lance Sergeant David Marc Eric GREENHALGH, Grenadier Guards, (Killed in action)
Cor­po­ral Paul Michael GEORGE, The Roy­al Welsh
Lieu­tenant Stephen James HEALEY, The Roy­al Welsh
Sergeant Paul Andrew HOWARD, Roy­al Tank Reg­i­ment
Lieu­tenant Richard David HUTTON, Grenadier Guards
War­rant Offi­cer Class 2 Patrick HYDE, The Rifles
Lance Cor­po­ral Alexan­der David John JONES, The Roy­al Welsh
Cor­po­ral Steven Wayne MARTIN, The Rifles
Staff Sergeant Bri­an McIN­TYRE, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps
Cap­tain Andrew Don­ald MICHAEL, The Rifles
Lance Sergeant Nathan Joseph OWEN, Cold­stream Guards
Lance Sergeant William Edward PATES, Cold­stream Guards
Act­ing Colour Sergeant Quintin Ben­jamin POLL, The Para­chute Reg­i­ment
Lance Cor­po­ral David John RADBAND, The Para­chute Reg­i­ment
Staff Sergeant Gareth Desmond REID, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps
Act­ing Cor­po­ral Liam Matthew RILEY, The York­shire Reg­i­ment (Killed in action)
Major Stu­art Rod­er­ick SMITH, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Cor­po­ral Daniel SPRUCE, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps
Lance Cor­po­ral Alan Robert TAYLOR, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Cor­po­ral Robert James TORDOFF, Corps of Roy­al Engi­neers
Rifle­man Mark TURNER, The Rifles (Killed in action)
Act­ing Sergeant Ryan James VICKERY, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Lance Sergeant Math­ew James WALLIS, Cold­stream Guards
Cor­po­ral Ryan Joseph WALTON, The Duke of Lancaster’s Reg­i­ment
Lieu­tenant Charles Edward Rufus WINSTANLEY, The Rifles
Senior Air­craft­man Johnathon Tony FREEMAN, Roy­al Air Force

Queen’s Com­men­da­tion for Brav­ery (QCB)

Cor­po­ral George BURGESS, Roy­al Marines
Colour Sergeant Mark Stu­art KNOWLES, Roy­al Marines
War­rant Offi­cer Class 2 Andrew David GOODWIN, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps
Lance Cor­po­ral Jamie HASTIE, The York­shire Reg­i­ment
Rifle­man Peter Leslie Matthew MATTHEWS, The Rifles
Sec­ond Lieu­tenant Con­nor Neil Heri­ot MAXWELL, The Rifles
Rifle­man Daniel Vin­cent NICKSON, The Rifles
Cap­tain Daniel READ, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps (Killed in action)
Rifle­man Gareth Edward SUTHERLAND, The Rifles
Rifle­man Ase­le­mo Kokoid­ab­u­li VETANIBUA, The Rifles
Lance Sergeant David WALKER, Scots Guards (Killed in action)
Staff Sergeant Paul Thomas John WRIGHT, Corps of Roy­al Engi­neers

Queen’s Com­men­da­tion for Brav­ery in the Air (QCBA)

Flight Lieu­tenant Alexan­der Nicholas Rid­dell TOWNSEND, Roy­al Air Force

Queen’s Com­men­da­tion for Valu­able Ser­vice (QCVS)

Chap­lain to the Forces 3rd Class, Rev­erend James William AITCHISON, Roy­al Army Chap­lains’ Depart­ment
Major Ash Giles ALEXANDERCOOPER, The Roy­al Gurkha Rifles
Lieu­tenant Colonel Matthew Tim­o­thy George BAZELEY, Corps of Roy­al Engi­neers
Lieu­tenant Daniel James BENSTEAD, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Act­ing Lieu­tenant Colonel James Mau­rice Han­nan BOWDER, MBE Grenadier Guards
Major Oliv­er Charles Christo­pher BROWN, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Sergeant Fred­er­ick John GOODING, Corps of Roy­al Engi­neers
Act­ing Sergeant Pri­ta­ba­hadur GURUNG, The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logis­tic Reg­i­ment
Sergeant Nicholas HARRINGTON, The Para­chute Reg­i­ment
Lieu­tenant Colonel Richard Alexan­der HEAD, MC The Rifles
Sap­per Johnathan Robert HORNER, Corps of Roy­al Engi­neers
Sec­ond Lieu­tenant Philip Robert Antho­ny LENTHALL, The Roy­al Anglian Reg­i­ment
Lieu­tenant Colonel Jere­my Hart LEWIN, Roy­al Army Med­ical Corps
Cap­tain Jonathan Paul NOLAN, Queen Alexandra’s Roy­al Army Nurs­ing Corps, Ter­ri­to­r­i­al Army
Cap­tain David John POLLOCK, Roy­al Tank Reg­i­ment
Lieu­tenant Colonel Andrew Michael ROE, The York­shire Reg­i­ment
War­rant Offi­cer Class 2 Justin Ter­ence Gor­don SEARLE, Roy­al Reg­i­ment of Artillery
Major James Andrew SEDDON, Grenadier Guards
Major Graeme Crich­ton WEARMOUTH, The Roy­al Reg­i­ment of Scot­land
Air Com­modore Stu­art David ATHA, DSO Roy­al Air Force
Squadron Leader Daniel Joseph ENDRUWEIT, Roy­al Air Force
Act­ing Group Cap­tain Alan Ken­neth GILLESPIE, Roy­al Air Force
Con­sta­ble Aman­da HENDERSON, Min­istry of Defence Police


Offi­cer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Cap­tain Nigel Antho­ny JONES, Roy­al Fleet Aux­il­iary

Mem­ber of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Sergeant Philip John CARR, Scots Guards

Queen’s Com­men­da­tion for Brav­ery (QCB)

Cor­po­ral Calvin James COULTER, The Para­chute Reg­i­ment
Lance Cor­po­ral Jamie Mar­tyn TAYLOR, The Roy­al Logis­tic Corps

Queen’s Com­men­da­tion for Valu­able Ser­vice (QCVS)

Com­modore Tim­o­thy Miles LOWE, Roy­al Navy
Cor­po­ral Andrew Steven BURROWS, Roy­al Corps of Sig­nals
Cor­po­ral Marc David KEECH, Roy­al Corps of Sig­nals
War­rant Offi­cer Class 2 Peter Joseph LINDSAY, Army Air Corps


Air Force Cross (AFC)

Flight Sergeant Antho­ny Richard DAVEY, Roy­al Air Force

Queen’s Gal­lantry Medal (QGM)

Pet­ty Offi­cer Air­crew­man Dian Jonathan LACY, Roy­al Navy

Queen’s Com­men­da­tion for Brav­ery in the Air (QCBA)

Cor­po­ral Carl Michael BOOTH, Roy­al Air Force

Queen’s Com­men­da­tion for Valu­able Ser­vice (QCVS)

Lieu­tenant Gary McCALL, Roy­al Navy

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