Sikorsky Completes Production of the S‑92® Helicopter for Irish Coast Guard Search and Rescue Operations

COATESVILLE, Penn­syl­va­nia — Siko­rsky Air­craft Cor­po­ra­tion, a sub­sidiary of Unit­ed Tech­nolo­gies Corp. (NYSE:UTX), has com­plet­ed pro­duc­tion of an S‑92® heli­copter for oper­a­tion by CHC Heli­copter on behalf of the Irish Coast Guard.

S‑92® Heli­copter for Irish Coast Guard Search and Res­cue Oper­a­tions
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Equipped for ded­i­cat­ed search and res­cue (SAR) oper­a­tions, the heli­copter will pro­vide cov­er­age for deep Atlantic Ocean mis­sions, ser­vice Ireland’s off­shore islands, and pro­vide res­cue cov­er from Cork to Gal­way on the country’s west coast. Based at Shan­non, the new air­craft will replace the cur­rent Coast Guard SAR heli­copter, a Siko­rsky S‑61™ heli­copter, which has giv­en 20 years of unbro­ken ser­vice.

Siko­rsky and CHC for­mal­ized the pur­chase today in the pres­ence of Chris Reynolds, Irish Coast Guard Direc­tor, dur­ing a hand-over cer­e­mo­ny at Sikorsky’s S‑92 com­mer­cial heli­copter assem­bly facil­i­ty in Coatesville, Pa.
Mr. Reynolds said that the deliv­ery of the new heli­copter to ser­vice some of the rough­est and treach­er­ous ocean waters in the world rep­re­sents a stepped improve­ment in Ireland’s abil­i­ty to care for and ser­vice its seago­ing, coastal and island com­mu­ni­ties.
“We select­ed CHC and the Siko­rsky S‑92 as our pre­ferred com­bi­na­tion after an intense ten­der and selec­tion process, and I am very hap­py that the Coast Guard will oper­ate what I con­sid­er to be the lead­ing SAR heli­copter in the world,” added Mr. Reynolds.
As a ded­i­cat­ed search and res­cue plat­form, the S‑92 air­craft is equipped with advanced sys­tems and hard­ware, includ­ing an auto­mat­ed flight con­trol sys­tem that enables the pilot to fly pre-pro­grammed search pat­terns and per­form del­i­cate hov­er maneu­vers; a wire­less inter­com allow­ing a res­cue swim­mer to com­mu­ni­cate with the crew; radio trans­ceivers to com­mu­ni­cate with ships, police and oth­er emer­gency res­cue ser­vices; a weath­er radar; a for­ward look­ing infrared sen­sor; and a dig­i­tal video sys­tem to record res­cues. The air­craft also comes with a dual res­cue hoist, sin­gle or dual 220-gal­lon inter­nal aux­il­iary fuel tanks, three lit­ters, and a Spec­tro­lab res­cue search­light.
Spec­i­fied by the Irish Coast Guard, the S‑92 heli­copter is the first to be pur­chased by CHC for SAR oper­a­tions in Ire­land. CHC will uti­lize four addi­tion­al S‑92 SAR air­craft which will become oper­a­tional out of Sli­go, Water­ford and Dublin air­ports over time.
CHC cur­rent­ly pro­vides 24/7 search and res­cue heli­copter ser­vice for the Irish Coast Guard using six S‑61 SAR heli­copters based at Dublin, Shan­non, Water­ford and Sli­go.
CHC Region­al Direc­tor Nick Mair said this was a very proud day for CHC in Ire­land, adding that the ded­i­cat­ed team of pro­fes­sion­al men and women on the Irish Coast Guard heli­copter ser­vice has worked hard to bring this key mile­stone in the deliv­ery pro­gram to pass.
The air­craft accept­ed today is the 33rd S‑92 heli­copter CHC has pur­chased from Siko­rsky Air­craft since 2004, and the fifth ded­i­cat­ed SAR air­craft. CHC also oper­ates four S‑92 SAR air­craft in Scot­land under con­tract to Britain’s Mar­itime and Coast­guard Agency.
“We are­honored by the com­bined con­fi­dence the Irish Coast Guard and CHC have in the S‑92 heli­copter as the plat­form of choice to save lives,” said Ed Bey­er, Vice Pres­i­dent for Siko­rsky Glob­al Heli­copters. “We remain com­mit­ted to build­ing the world’s most reli­able and capa­ble search and res­cue heli­copter.”
Siko­rsky has deliv­ered 151 S‑92 air­craft to oper­a­tors world­wide since 2004. Of those air­craft, 25 are engaged in SAR oper­a­tions. The 151-air­craft fleet has accu­mu­lat­ed a total of 370,000 flight hours. Air­craft avail­abil­i­ty stands at 95 per­cent.
Siko­rsky Air­craft Corp., based in Strat­ford, Conn., USA, is a world leader in heli­copter design, man­u­fac­ture, and ser­vice. Unit­ed Tech­nolo­gies Corp., based in Hart­ford, Conn., USA, pro­vides a broad range of high tech­nol­o­gy prod­ucts and sup­port ser­vices to the aero­space and build­ing sys­tems indus­tries.