Schweden – Imint Releases New Version of the Ihvert® Software Suite

Uppsala, Sweden, June 16th, 2010: Imint today announced immediate market availability of the new version 2.10 of its Ihvert® product suite, a complete software platform for advanced live surveillance video enhancement, analysis, and exploitation.

Imint is releasing the second generation of its Ihvert product suite. Ihvert is a software product suite specifically targeting the needs for better situational awareness from aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. Ihvert implements unique live video enhancement techniques that radically increase chances to find critical information in real time. Ihvert is optimized to run on resource constrained systems, such as ruggedized laptops.

Ihvert 2.10 is made available in three product packages;

  • Ihvert Enhanced Video Viewer, for users who has a need to watch a greatly enhanced live video.
  • Ihvert Remote Viewing Terminal, providing all functionality needed for a portable viewing system, serving as an intelligence node down to the level of an individual dismounted solider.
  • Ihvert Intelligence Exploitation Terminal, adding advanced geo-referencing functionality based on the system’s telemetry data, making it a single source intelligence cell.

Ihvert is a hardware independent, flexible and modular “all software” solution that simply fits in any system configuration. In the version 2.10 release, additional system platforms have been verified to work seamlessly with Ihvert. Other news in the Ihvert 2.10 release is a further modernized graphical user interface, that is intuitive and quick to operate under time pressure by operators that might not be highly software application savvy. The unique video enhancement technology in Ihvert is also further refined; algorithms have been tuned and optimized using days of real video footage in various terrains and contexts, such as sea, forest, desert, cities, etc.

Video stabilization is also further improved in Ihvert 2.10. Ihvert provides stable imagery even under very shaky conditions, typically found under high zoom, or from small or miniature Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Combining stabilization with other image optimization techniques, Ihvert offers a “weightless” capability improvement to UAS already in use, and extends ranges for detection, recognition, and identification.

Andreas Lifvendahl, Sales and Marketing Director of Imint, commented on the market release of Ihvert 2.10: “We believe that the industry is slowly coming around to see the merits of clever software on the ground, rather than giving most of the attention to the hardware of the vehicles or sensor payloads. At the end of the day, the machines are up there in the sky for the purpose of providing us with imagery from which we can extract sometimes life critical information. Ihvert, and other innovative software solutions, helps putting focus on an end, not the means.”

The full feature list of Ihvert 2.10 can be found on the Imint webpage, Ihvert users currently on the Ihvert 1.x platform, and under active maintenance, will be provided an upgrade to Ihvert 2.10 free of charge.

Imint – Image Intelligence AB