Russia Completes India’s Submarine Modernisation Programme

Rus­sia has com­plet­ed the mod­ern­iza­tion of the INS Sind­hu­rak­shak at its ship­yard in Severod­vin­sk.

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INS Sind­hu­rak­shak is a diesel elec­tric sub­ma­rine and has under­gone a mid-life refit pro­gramme.

Dur­ing the two year in-depth moder4nisation pro­gramme, INS Sind­hu­rak­shak has been upgrad­ed to be equipped with the tube-launched Club‑S cruise mis­siles which are effec­tive against sur­face ves­sels and sub­marines at a range of about 200 km. The sub­ma­rine has also been fit­ted with a few Indi­an com­po­nents like the hydro-acoustic “USHUS” com­plex, a CCS-MK radio-com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem and Por­poise Elec­tron­ic Sup­port Mea­sures.

The INS Sind­hu­rak­shak is the sev­enth and the last of the kilo class diesel elec­tric sub­marines under active duty of the Indi­an Navy. These sub­marines were pur­chased from Rus­sia dur­ing 1986 & 2000. Of the remain­ing three sub­marines one was repaired in India and the two oth­ers are cur­rent­ly under repair in India.

Even as Rus­sia pre­pares to deliv­er the last retro­fit­ted sub­ma­rine to India, Russia’s top ship­build­ing offi­cial has come up with the idea of a sec­ond mid-life repair of the Indi­an Navy’s Kilo-class sub­marines.

A sec­ond mid life upgrade of the sub­ma­rine will add anoth­er 5 to 7 years of life to the already 20-year ser­vice life. This will help the Indi­an Navy main­tain its sub­ma­rine strength in view of delays in the induc­tion of French-built Scor­pene subs and in float­ing a ten­der for six more diesel-elec­tric sub­marines.

Apart from the mod­ern­iza­tion of India’s exist­ing sub­ma­rine fleet, an RFI has been issued for new gen­er­a­tion sub­marines. Rus­sia is expect­ed to take part in the ten­der with its new Amur-1650 sub­marines, along with France’s Scor­pio, Germany’s Type-214 and Spain’s S‑80 sub­marines. Rus­sia hopes that it’s sub­marines stands a good chance of win­ning the Indi­an ten­der.

The Amur-1650 makes far less noise than the Kilo-class sub­marines, which the NATO nick­named “Black Holes” for their stealth qual­i­ties.


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