Piraterie — Hijacked Oil Tanker MOSCOW UNIVERSITY Freed In Dramatic Rescue – Pirates Captured

The Liber­ian hijacked tanker Moscow Uni­ver­si­ty, which was hijacked yes­ter­day, has been dra­mat­i­cal­ly freed by the Russ­ian war­ship, the MARSHAL SHAPOSHNIKOV.

Russian warship Marshal Shaposhnikov
Russ­ian war­ship Mar­shal Sha­posh­nikov

Yes­ter­day morn­ing the Liber­ian flagged (Russ­ian oper­at­ed) oil tanker, MOSCOW UNIVERSITY, was hijacked approx­i­mate­ly 350 miles east of Soca­tra. It was report­ed that the crew had locked them­selves into the “rud­der com­part­ment” and a Mar­itime Patrol air­craft made con­tact with the crew a few hours lat­er to con­firm that they were safe. A Russ­ian war­ship, Mar­shal Sha­poshi­dov, was report­ed to be head­ing at full speed towards the hijack posi­tion. EU Naval Forces and oth­er units from the multi­na­tion­al forces in the area offered sup­port to the Russ­ian ship and a Ger­man Mar­itime Patrol air­craft from CMF 151 were put on alert to sup­port any oper­a­tion.

Ear­ly this morn­ing, the Mar­shal Sha­posh­nikov arrived at the oil tanker Moscow University’s posi­tion and sent a heli­copter to inves­ti­gate. The heli­copter was fired upon by the pirates hold­ing the ship. The Russ­ian war­ship, know­ing the crew were locked down and safe, returned fire on the pirates. Even­tu­al­ly the pirates sur­ren­dered and a board­ing team from the Mar­shal Sha­posh­nikov arrived onboard the Tanker, cap­tured all the pirates and freed the crew. All the crew are safe and well.

EU NAVFOR Soma­lia – Oper­a­tion ATALANTA’s main tasks are to escort mer­chant ves­sels car­ry­ing human­i­tar­i­an aid of the World Food Pro­gramme (WFP) and ves­sels of African Union Mis­sion in Soma­lia, AMISOM and to pro­tect vul­ner­a­ble ves­sels in the Gulf of Aden and Indi­an Ocean and to deter and dis­rupt pira­cy. EU NAVFOR also mon­i­tors fish­ing activ­i­ty off the coast of Soma­lia.

Press Release by EU NAVFOR Pub­lic Affairs Office