One more rotation of Lithuanian military deployed to Afghanistan

On Jan­u­ary 6 deploy­ment of the 7th shift of the Lithuan­ian Nation­al Sup­port Ele­ment (NSE) to Afghanistan will take place in Mar­i­jam­polė. The cer­e­mo­ny will be attend­ed by Vice Min­is­ter of Nation­al Defence Myko­las Juoza­pavičius, act­ing Chief of Defence Com­man­der of the Lithuan­ian Air Force Maj Gen Edvar­das Mažeikis, Direc­tor Gen­er­al for Capa­bil­i­ties and Arma­ments of the Min­istry of Nation­al Defence Brig Gen Alman­tas Lei­ka, com­man­ders of units of the Lithuan­ian Armed Forces, rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the Munic­i­pal­i­ty of Mar­i­jam­polė and fam­i­lies of sol­diers.

NSE‑7 train for the multi­na­tion­al mis­sion

The new shift to assume respon­si­bil­i­ty for logis­tic pro­vi­sion of Lithuan­ian troops in Afghanistan will be led by Lt Col Petras Montvi­la, at the moment still the com­man­der of the Vyte­nis Gen­er­al Sup­port Logis­tic Bat­tal­ion.

Staff of NSE‑7 includes approx­i­mate­ly 20 troops, a major part of who serve with the Vyte­nis Gen­er­al Sup­port Logis­tic Bat­tal­ion. The rota­tion will also include US and Ukrain­ian ser­vice­mem­bers. NSE‑7 staff cov­ers a range of spe­cial­i­sa­tion areas – finance, pro­cure­ment, load­ing and move­ment con­trol, stor­age, and oth­ers.

Nation­al Sup­port Ele­ment was estab­lished n the Lithuan­ian Armed Forces in 2009 to improve logis­tic pro­vi­sion for Lithuan­ian mil­i­tary deployed on multi­na­tion­al oper­a­tions and con­trol of the pro­vi­sion.

The core group of NSE is based in Inter­na­tion­al Kab­ul Air­port. Indi­vid­ual ser­vice­mem­bers also con­duct duty at Inter­na­tion­al Kan­da­har Air­port, and the NSE Pro­vi­sion Unit – with the Lithuan­ian-led Chaghcha­ran Provin­cial Recon­struc­tion Team.

Cur­rent­ly approx­i­mate­ly 260 Lithuan­ian troops serve in Afghanistan. They are dis­persed across the ISAF Region­al Com­mand-West, province of Ghor, NATO com­mands in Kab­ul and Her­at, Kan­da­har Air­port, NATO mis­sion in the south of Afghanistan.

Min­istry of Nation­al Defense Repub­lic of Lithua­nia

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