Northrop Grumman to Deliver Advanced Threat Warning Sensors to the U.S. Navy

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — The U.S. Navy has award­ed Northrop Grum­man Cor­po­ra­tion (NYSE:NOC) an ear­ly oper­a­tional pro­duc­tion con­tract to deliv­er Advanced Threat Warn­ing (ATW) sen­sors, an inte­gral com­po­nent of the Depart­ment of Navy Large Air­craft Infrared Coun­ter­mea­sures (DoN LAIRCM) sys­tem.

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Under the terms of the $25.5 mil­lion con­tract, Northrop Grum­man will deliv­er 110 ATW sen­sors and will upgrade 200 proces­sors for inte­gra­tion as part of the cur­rent­ly field­ed DoN LAIRCM sys­tem, which pro­tects air­crews and air­craft from bat­tle­field threats. The ATW sen­sor is form-fit and A‑kit com­pat­i­ble with the cur­rent­ly deployed DoN LAIRCM mis­sile warn­ing sys­tem.

“Northrop Grumman’s mul­ti­func­tion ATW pro­vides our warfight­ers with three proven capa­bil­i­ties in one light­weight sen­sor, includ­ing mis­sile warn­ing, laser warn­ing, and hos­tile fire detec­tion,” said Carl Smith, vice pres­i­dent of infrared coun­ter­mea­sures pro­grams at Northrop Grumman’s Land and Self Pro­tec­tion Sys­tems divi­sion. “ATW’s mul­ti­func­tion­al­i­ty can sig­nif­i­cant­ly improve afford­abil­i­ty, while reduc­ing size, weight and pow­er, over four indi­vid­ual sub­sys­tems.”

ATW pro­vides instant warn­ing of heat-seek­ing mis­siles, small arms fire, medi­um-cal­iber machine gun fire, anti-air­craft artillery, unguid­ed rock­ets and laser-guid­ed weapons, there­by dra­mat­i­cal­ly improv­ing over­all air­crew sit­u­a­tion­al aware­ness and sur­viv­abil­i­ty. ATW pro­vides imme­di­ate infor­ma­tion enabling the air­crew to avoid the threat or to send infor­ma­tion off­board direct­ing ground forces or oth­er air­craft to respond. It can be inte­grat­ed with a vari­ety of onboard dis­plays includ­ing threat warn­ing indi­ca­tors, mul­ti­func­tion dis­plays and hel­met-mount­ed dis­plays, while con­tribut­ing to over­all bat­tle­field sit­u­a­tion­al aware­ness as part of a com­mon oper­at­ing pic­ture.

This award builds on the $35 mil­lion con­tract award­ed to Northrop Grum­man in 2011 by the Naval Air Sys­tems Com­mand to devel­op upgrades to the field­ed DoN LAIRCM infrared mis­sile warn­ing sys­tem. Northrop Grum­man designed and built the DoN LAIRCM sys­tem.

Northrop Grumman’s IRCM sys­tems are now installed or sched­uled for instal­la­tion on more than 700 mil­i­tary air­craft across the Depart­ment of Defense to pro­tect approx­i­mate­ly 50 dif­fer­ent types of large fixed-wing trans­ports and rotary-wing plat­forms from infrared mis­sile attacks. The sys­tem func­tions by auto­mat­i­cal­ly detect­ing a mis­sile launch, deter­min­ing if it is a threat, and acti­vat­ing a high-inten­si­ty, laser-based coun­ter­mea­sure sys­tem to track and defeat the mis­sile.

Northrop Grum­man is a lead­ing glob­al secu­ri­ty com­pa­ny pro­vid­ing inno­v­a­tive sys­tems, prod­ucts and solu­tions in aero­space, elec­tron­ics, infor­ma­tion sys­tems, and tech­ni­cal ser­vices to gov­ern­ment and com­mer­cial cus­tomers world­wide. Please vis­it for more infor­ma­tion.

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