Northrop Grumman Awarded U.S. Air Force Mission Planning Enterprise Contract II

SAN PEDRO, Calif. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Northrop Grum­man Cor­po­ra­tion (NYSE:NOC) has received an indef­i­nite-deliv­ery/in­def­i­nite-quan­ti­ty (ID/IQ) award from the U.S. Air Force to pro­vide mis­sion plan­ning soft­ware sys­tems and tools so that warfight­ers can quick­ly and effec­tive­ly plan mis­sions and trans­fer required data to air­craft avion­ics.

Northrop Grum­man is one of five com­pa­nies that received an award under the Mis­sion Plan­ning Enter­prise Con­tract II from the Elec­tron­ic Sys­tems Cen­ter, Air Force Materiel Com­mand, Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass. The com­pa­nies will com­pete for deliv­ery orders with a poten­tial val­ue of $919 mil­lion col­lec­tive­ly over a five-year base peri­od and five-year option­al terms, mak­ing the poten­tial peri­od of per­for­mance 10 years.

For more than a decade, Northrop Grum­man has played an impor­tant role in the devel­op­ment of advanced mis­sion plan­ning sys­tems. The company’s open archi­tec­ture approach to the Joint Mis­sion Plan­ning Sys­tem (JMPS), enhanced under the Mis­sion Plan­ning Enter­prise Con­tract, pro­vides third-par­ty inte­gra­tors with a robust capa­bil­i­ty to recon­fig­ure, sub­sti­tute, and extend appli­ca­tion func­tion­al­i­ty. This has enabled com­mon mis­sion plan­ning across ser­vices, plat­forms, weapons and sen­sors. Northrop Grum­man also pro­vid­ed B‑1 bomber plan­ning capa­bil­i­ty, elec­tron­ic war­fare analy­sis tools and sen­sor per­for­mance pre­dic­tion soft­ware.

“Our inno­v­a­tive approach to the Joint Mis­sion Plan­ning Sys­tem has result­ed in sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced cost and increased inter­op­er­abil­i­ty,” said Mike Twyman, vice pres­i­dent of Inte­grat­ed Com­mand, Con­trol, Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and Intel­li­gence Sys­tems for Northrop Grumman’s Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems sec­tor. “We remain com­mit­ted to work­ing close­ly with our Air Force and Navy cus­tomers to bring faster, more reli­able and more intu­itive capa­bil­i­ties to the warfight­er.”

The Naval Air Sys­tems Com­mand award­ed the ini­tial JMPS con­tract to Northrop Grum­man (then Logi­con) in 1999. In Novem­ber 2004, the Air Force select­ed Northrop Grum­man and four addi­tion­al con­trac­tors for the first MPEC, with a goal of con­sol­i­dat­ing numer­ous mis­sion plan­ning con­tracts, sav­ing time and mon­ey while also ensur­ing sys­tem inter­op­er­abil­i­ty.

Northrop Grum­man Cor­po­ra­tion is a lead­ing glob­al secu­ri­ty com­pa­ny whose 120,000 employ­ees pro­vide inno­v­a­tive sys­tems, prod­ucts, and solu­tions in aero­space, elec­tron­ics, infor­ma­tion sys­tems, ship­build­ing and tech­ni­cal ser­vices to gov­ern­ment and com­mer­cial cus­tomers world­wide. Please vis­it for more infor­ma­tion.

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