{glossarbot=disable}NATO Sec­re­tary General’s state­ment on the Deploy­ment of Russ­ian Rail­way Troops into Geor­gia

NATO Secretary General’s statement on the Deployment of Russian Railway Troops into Georgia I am con­cerned by the cur­rent deploy­ment of sev­er­al hun­dred Russ­ian mil­i­tary per­son­nel into the Geor­gian region of Abk­hazia, which is con­tribut­ing to insta­bil­i­ty in what is already a volatile area.

This deploy­ment of Russ­ian Rail­road Forces does not appear to have any legal basis; it is not tak­ing place in the con­text of the CIS peace­keep­ing mis­sion, and it is against the express wish­es of the Geor­gian Gov­ern­ment.

As such, this deploy­ment is clear­ly in con­tra­ven­tion of Georgia’s sov­er­eign­ty and ter­ri­to­r­i­al integri­ty, which NATO strong­ly sup­ports. These forces should be with­drawn, and both Rus­sia and Geor­gia should engage quick­ly in a high-lev­el and open dia­logue to de-esca­late ten­sions.

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