{glossarbot=disable}NATO Sec­re­tary Gen­er­al state­ment on elec­tions in the for­mer Yugoslav Repub­lic of Mace­do­nia 1

NATO Secretary General statement on elections in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia The NATO Sec­re­tary Gen­er­al is deeply con­cerned by the OSCE/ODIHR Observ­er Mission’s pre­lim­i­nary con­clu­sions that the 1 June elec­tions in the for­mer Yugoslav Repub­lic of Macedonia1 did not meet key inter­na­tion­al stan­dards.

The Mis­sion assessed that, despite many pos­i­tive ele­ments, ‘’elec­tion day was marred by vio­lent inci­dents, intim­i­da­tion and bal­lot stuff­ing in pre­dom­i­nant­ly eth­nic Alban­ian areas.’’ Coun­tries work­ing towards NATO mem­ber­ship must make every effort to meet the demo­c­ra­t­ic stan­dards of the Alliance.

Active steps should be tak­en to address the secu­ri­ty and elec­toral short­falls, in par­tic­u­lar in the con­text of the repeat of vot­ing to take place in dis­tricts where the elec­toral process had to be halt­ed. NATO will care­ful­ly assess the OSCE Observ­er Mission’s final con­clu­sions, once the process is com­plete.

1Turkey rec­og­nizes the Repub­lic of Mace­do­nia with its con­sti­tu­tion­al name.

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