NATO Warships Conduct Security Patrol In Eastern Mediterranean

East Mediterranean, 21 November 2011. Four NATO warships (Turkish frigate TCG ORUCREIS, German frigate FGS SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, Romanian frigate ROS REGINA MARIA and French corvette FS CDT BIROT), and the Canadian frigate HMCS VANCOUVER (in associated support), have conducted a security sweep throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. During this Surge Operation, Maritime Patrol Aircrafts have also rendered their support.

Operation Active Endeavour (OAE), for more than ten years, has successfully deterred and disrupted any possible terrorist activity. The combined sea and air operation forms part of „OAE” which is designed to safeguard the waters of the Mediterranean.

The Task Group Commander, Rear Admiral Sinan Azmi TOSUN, Turkish Navy, said „Whilst NATO maintains a continuous watch throughout the Mediterranean with a supporting network and sophisticated technology, from time to time; we concentrate our efforts to a specific area for an unpredictable period to deter and disrupt any possible terrorist or illegal activity. However, we are very well aware of the fact that none of these military efforts are solely sufficient to eradicate all the illegal activities in the region. The interaction and trust-building with the maritime community and their resultant support is still the key to the success of this operation.”

In order to achieve this goal, at every opportunity, OAE and associated support units conduct information approaches to fishing vessels in order to deliver durable goods such as first aid kits, tool sets and drinking bottles. During these friendly visits, the fishing vessels are provided with information on how to contact NATO should the need arise. In parallel with this course of action, TCG ORUÇREİS sent her boarding party to deliver OAE materials to an Egyptian fishing vessel.

Allied Command Operations

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