NATOSNMCMG2 in Passex with Croatian Navy

Nisi­da, Naples — Between 30 April and 4 May 2012 Counter Mine ves­sels of the Stand­ing NATO Mine Counter Mea­sures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) com­plet­ed a five-day port vis­it to Split, Croa­t­ia.

Adri­at­ic Sea 3 — 4 May 2012: SNMCMG2 and three ships of the Croa­t­ia Navy, HRS Dubrovnik (Mine Hunter), HRS Korku­la (Patrol Boat) and HRS Ceti­na (Amphibi­ous ship) car­ried out a Pas­sex pro­gramme.
Source: NATO
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Dur­ing the first two days, var­i­ous vis­its to local civil­ian and mil­i­tary author­i­ties were host­ed by the Com­man­der of SNMCMG2, Cap­tain Abdul­hamit Sen­er embarked on his flag­ship TCG S. MEHMETPASA.

The vis­it end­ed in a Pas­sage Exer­cise (PASSEX) car­ried out between the SNMCMG2 and three ships of the Croa­t­ian Navy: HRS Dubrovnik (Mine Hunter), HRS Korku­la (Patrol Boat) and HRS Ceti­na (Amphibi­ous ship).

SNMCMG2 is a multi­na­tion­al, inte­grat­ed mar­itime force — made up of ves­sels from var­i­ous allied nations, train­ing and oper­at­ing togeth­er as a sin­gle team — that is per­ma­nent­ly avail­able to NATO to per­form a wide range of tasks, from par­tic­i­pat­ing in exer­cis­es to cri­sis response to real world oper­a­tional mis­sions. Usu­al­ly the Force is employed in the Mediter­ranean area but, as nec­es­sary, will be avail­able any­where NATO requires it to deploy.

Com­po­si­tion of the Force varies as naval units are pro­vid­ed by NATO con­tribut­ing nations on a rota­tion­al basis while Com­mand of the Force rotates among them. SNMCMG2 car­ries out a con­tin­u­ous pro­gramme of oper­a­tional train­ing and con­ducts port vis­its to know and get known in many ports in and out of the Mediter­ranean, in NATO and non-NATO nations. These include ports in nations that are part of the Part­ner­ship for Peace, Mediter­ranean Dia­logue and the Istan­bul Coop­er­a­tion Ini­tia­tive pro­grammes.

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