NATO Conducts Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE in the North Sea

Between 29 May and 06 June 2012, NATO will con­duct a new Anti-Sub­ma­rine War­fare exer­cise.

NATO con­ducts exer­cise Dynam­ic Mon­goose 12
Source: NATO
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DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 12, as the exer­cise is called, will take place off the coast of Nor­way and involve four sub­marines, 11 air­crafts and four sur­face ships pro­vid­ed by sev­en NATO nations. The objec­tive is to pro­vide the best anti-sub­ma­rine war­fare train­ing to NATO naval forces and to guar­an­tee their inter­op­er­abil­i­ty in a mul­ti-nation­al environment. 

Four sub­marines from Ger­many, the Nether­lands and Nor­way are sched­uled to join the exer­cise. Each sub­ma­rine will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­duct a vari­ety of sub­ma­rine oper­a­tions either in a ‘hunt­ing’ or in a ‘hunt­ed’ sit­u­a­tion. Four sur­face war­ships from France, Ger­many and Nor­way will par­tic­i­pate in the exer­cise under the tac­ti­cal com­mand of the Nor­we­gian War­ship HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen. Mar­itime Patrol Air­crafts (Cana­di­an, French, Ger­man and Nor­we­gian) and Anti-Sub­ma­rine Heli­copters (Pol­ish, French and British) will oper­ate from air bases in Sola, Nor­way and Nord­holz, Ger­many. These two air bases will also ensure con­trol of air operations. 

The exer­cise will be direct­ed from the NATO Mar­itime Head­quar­ter in North­wood, Unit­ed King­dom by Com­man­der Sub­marines North (COMSUBNORTH) and Com­man­der Mar­itime Air (COMMARAIR).

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