MOD paves way for new wind-farm-friendly radars

The MOD has agreed a deal for ener­gy com­pa­nies to fund new wind-farm-friend­ly radars, with the poten­tial to unlock more than four gigawatts (GW) of renew­able ener­gy — enough to pow­er over two mil­lion homes.

Lock­heed Mar­tin TPS-77 Air Defence Radar [Pic­ture: © 2012 Lock­heed Mar­tin Cor­po­ra­tion]
Source: Min­istry of Defence, UK
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A new Air Defence Radar that is not adverse­ly affect­ed by wind farms has been installed and test­ed on the Nor­folk coast, allow­ing for the poten­tial releas­ing of 3.3GW of renew­able ener­gy. Until recent­ly, the MOD has object­ed to wind farms locat­ed near Air Defence Radars due to the inter­fer­ence caused by the tur­bine blades.

In an award-win­ning fol­low-on deal, the MOD recent­ly ordered two more of the wind-farm-friend­ly radars, fund­ed by devel­op­ers, which will be installed in Northum­ber­land and York­shire, unlock­ing a fur­ther 750 megawatts (MW) of renew­able ener­gy. This deal will pro­mote fur­ther devel­op­ment of wind farms and help the Gov­ern­ment reduce car­bon emis­sions.

Min­is­ter for Defence Per­son­nel, Wel­fare and Vet­er­ans Andrew Robathan said:

“The MOD was instru­men­tal in con­vinc­ing the ener­gy com­pa­nies to col­lab­o­rate and joint­ly fund the cost of the radar, meet­ing oper­a­tional require­ments and ulti­mate­ly enabling the gen­er­a­tion of more renew­able ener­gy. This is good news for all par­ties to this arrange­ment.”

Ener­gy Min­is­ter Charles Hendry said:

“We must rapid­ly increase the lev­els of home­grown clean ener­gy pro­duced in the UK. Wind farms and oth­er forms of renew­able ener­gy will help boost our ener­gy secu­ri­ty, and ulti­mate­ly our nation­al secu­ri­ty. I am pleased that an out­come has been reached that is ben­e­fi­cial to our nation­al secu­ri­ty, ener­gy secu­ri­ty and decar­bon­i­sa­tion goals.”

“Wind farms and oth­er forms of renew­able ener­gy will help boost our ener­gy secu­ri­ty, and ulti­mate­ly our nation­al secu­ri­ty.”
Charles Hendry

On behalf of the MOD, Ser­co installed a Lock­heed Mar­tin TPS-77 Air Defence Radar near Cromer, on the Nor­folk coast. The MOD has there­fore removed plan­ning objec­tions to five fur­ther off­shore wind farms in the Greater Wash. The new TPS-77 was deliv­ered in a project between Ser­co, Lock­heed Mar­tin, the MOD’s Defence Equip­ment and Sup­port (DE&S), and the Depart­ment of Ener­gy and Cli­mate Change, to pro­duce a radar not affect­ed by wind farm tur­bine blades.

The radar project was deliv­ered on time, with­in cost, and met strin­gent per­for­mance require­ments, and, as a result, the DE&S project team was short­list­ed as one of the top three of 750 project teams in the Civ­il Ser­vice Awards 2011, and won an inter­nal MOD award.

The two new wind-farm-friend­ly radars in Northum­ber­land and York­shire, replac­ing exist­ing radars, pro­vide the poten­tial to remove objec­tions to mul­ti­ple future wind farms, esti­mat­ed to be able to pro­vide in total over 750MW of renew­able ener­gy.

Press release
Min­istry of Defence, UK

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