Ministry for Kosovo Security Force and KFOR announce Exercise “EAGLE 1”

Kosovo Security Force (KSF) will conduct the field exercise „‚Eagle 1” from 20th to 30th of April 2012. The exercise will take place in the vicinities of Peja, Prizren and Gjilan. The exercise is planned as a Disaster Relief Operation based on different scenarios during which KSF has to act in support of the population of the respective municipalities.


All units of KSF are supposed to conduct, train and improve their capabilities related to their core missions such as FIRE FIGHTING, DEMINING or HANDLING of HAZARDOUS MATERIAL and SEARCH AND RESCUE. Hereby each core capability will be tested on the basis of a specific disaster scenario.

The layout of the exercise foresees that KSF supports municipalities and local authorities in disaster relief situations, when they are not able to cope with the disaster with own means only anymore.

The exercise is a follow-up of the exercise „Agile Lion 4” conducted at the end of September 2011. „Eagle 1” has been planned by KSF and will be conducted by KSF with its Land Forces Command as the controlling staff for its subordinated and exercising units like the Rapid Reaction Brigade and the Operations Support Brigade.

The planning process for the exercise started in November 2011. At the same time the date for the execution of the exercise had been decided. KFOR assisted during the whole planning process and will also support the observer and controller organization in monitoring and evaluating the exercise. KFOR is going to support the preparation of the final evaluation report too. Consequently, NATO and KFOR military officers will be actively engaged during the whole exercise.

Kosovo Security Force informs the population that during the exercise from 20h to 30th of April, there will be movements of Kosovo Security Forces‘ convoys along local and highway roads, and also dislocations in the vicinities of the above mentioned municipalities. On the occasion of holding this exercise, KSF reassures the citizens that in no manner it will raise concerns for their property and freedoms.

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