Mechanised Forces Technology Asia – A conference and exhibition by Clarion Events

Clarion Events hosts a mechanised forces conference and exhibition to bring senior military and industry personnel to cover force mechanisation in the region


Singapore, November 10 – The increasing trend of the mechanisation of armies in Asia is inline with the overall modernisation of armed forces. For mechanised forces over $4.4bn was made available in 2011; this is expected to reach $5.4 billion by 2021. This demonstrates that the increasing trend for the mechanisation of armies in Asia is a prominent issue.

A case in point is Malaysia. The Malaysian Ministry of Defence is planning to purchase 32 Anoa armoured vehicles from the Indonesian defence industry, Indonesian Defence Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro has said. The news portal quoted the minister as saying, „The sale of 32 armoured vehicles has been conducted. The contract had already been set.“ According to earlier media reports, the Malaysian order was worth $80m. The Anoa armoured vehicle is fitted with 320hp 7,000cc engines manufactured by Mercedes Benz and Renault. The Indonesian vehicle is also used by UN peacekeeping forces that are deployed in several conflict areas.

There have been many developments around the Southeast Asian region that include Thailand, Philippines and Singapore towards the development of armoured fighting vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles to effectively transport and support troops to the battlefield. Armour and infantry integration has taken a primacy in the doctrinal developments of the armies in Asia because they see it as an essential force multiplier for this type of operating environment and terrain. They are agile, mobile and with the right kind of equipment and technologies can be very lethal.

With this in mind, the time is right for a conference covering the integration of armoured and infantry forces in the battlefield. Clarion Events is hosting Mechanised Forces Technology Asia conference on 30– 31 January 2012. The conference brings together the armour and infantry communities in Asia, featuring top army presenters who will be addressing the latest requirements for Asian armies. It will cover the topic areas of armoured vehicles and armoured vehicle technology procurement and use, the integration of infantry and armour to create a mechanised force and force multipliers to ensure that integration.

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