Lithuania/Afghanistan – PRT military personnel conducted an air patrol

April 11, military personnel of the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team of Ghor completed an air patrol in the district of Do Lainah of Ghor.


The patrol was attended by Commander of the Military Element Col Eligijus Senulis, Head of the Civilian Element Jurgis Stanaitis, and a representative from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

In the settlement the delegation met with the elder of the district, representatives of local police and security agencies. The elder expressed his delight about the international community’s projects completed or underway in the district. It was accentuated that police forces deployed in the region ensure order and stability effectively. PRT Commander Col E. Senulis asked the elder and representatives of local authority what they saw as the key aims and priorities of the village. The elder pointed out lack of education facilities for children as the main problem. PRT Commander stressed that this year the Government of Japan foresees building over 20 new schools in the province of Ghor, and it is expected that several of them will be built in the district of Do Lainah as well.

The PRT delegation together with local authorities toured the market of the village, according to local representatives, it is one of the biggest markets in Ghor. The delegation also visited two schools established next to one another – a religious and a secondary one. In the end of the visit the delegation toured the Healthcare Centre where USAID funding helped installing solar energy batteries several years ago. The system is fully functional and ensures full provision of electricity power.

Before leaving PRT Commander Eligijus Senulis accentuated that US and Japan were making great efforts to develop and improve everyday lives of Afghan people. Changes in the village are obvious and can be appreciated by anyone. He also stressed that military barracks were being built for the Afghan National Army Battalion which will be in charge of security throughout the province.

On the 4th of January, 2012, the town of Chaghcharan and the surrounding area were approved to join the transfer of responsibility process in Chaghcharan. Responsibility of local security forces, i.e. ANA units and police, for the security in their country is gradually increased since then. The key role of Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT is training of the Afghan National Security Forces with a focus on instructions.

Currently approximately 250 troops of the Lithuanian Armed Forces are deployed with the International Security Assistance Force’s operation Afghanistan. They serve in the province of Ghor, Kabul and Herat ISAF commands, Kandahar Airfield, and the south of Afghanistan. The 14th rotation of the Lithuanian-led PRT is currently deployed in Ghor.

Release by PIO for PRT-14 1st Lt Tomas Pakalniškis. Photos by 1st Lt Tomas Pakalniškis

Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania