Lithuania – Third rotation of the Air Training Team deploy to Afghanistan

February 15, the third rotation of the Lithuanian-led multinational Air Training Team (ATT-3) was deployed on the mission in Afghanistan from the Lithuanian Air Force’s (LITHAF) Šiauliai Air Base. The unit will provide training for local Afghan helicopter pilots and maintenance crews.


The new shift includes 8 troops from LITHAF Air Base and one representative of Latvian military.

Just like the previous groups ATT-3 will be deployed at Kandahar Airfield and continue training Afghan National Army members to conduct squadron level helicopter operations.

The ATT-3 deployment ceremony is expected to be attended by leadership of the Lithuanian Air Force and its units as well as leadership and military personnel of the Air Base and families of the deployed troops.

By the deployment of the Air Training Team (ATT) to the International Security Assistance Force’s (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan Lithuania contributes to the training of the Afghan National Security Forces. Lithuanian-led ATT at Kandahar Airfield provides training for helicopter pilots and maintenance personnel since spring 2011. Lithuanian and Latvian military personnel in the team are joined by Belgian and Ukrainian military.

Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania

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