Lithuania – International exercise BALTOPS 2012

For the first time in Lithuania exercise BALTOPS military operations at sea and on land will be conducted

From February 27 to March 2 in the Adolfas Ramanauskas Warfare training center in Nemenčinė international exercise’s BALTOPS 2012 main planning conference is ongoing. It involves more than 120 personnel from 13 countries who will coordinate the final scenario and operations of the exercises.


The exercise will be held on June 1-16 in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Germany’s territorial waters, the event is organized and led by the United States (U.S.) Naval forces in European Command (U.S. Naval Forces Europe).

„It is essential that the main “BALTOPS 2012“ planning conference is held in Lithuania because Marines debarkation will be conducted there for the first time, „- said the lead exercise planner U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Justin Hsu.

„During the main planning conference it will take some effort to clarify and resolve issues related to the host nation support. For the first time this type of exercise will be held with debarkation of troops ashore, and I have no doubt that „BALTOPS 2012″ will attain interest“, – said Joint Chief of Staff of Lithuanian Armed Forces Colonel Vilmantas Tamosaitis at the opening of the conference.

It is planned that the BALTOPS 2012 exercise will involve about 30 warships from various countries, as well as air and land forces‘ components.

Several objectives of the exercise are: to develop a common understanding, trust, cooperation and interaction between military forces and personnel participating in the exercise.

During this exercise, the military will carry out joint maritime operations and maneuvering in the patrol and joint operations with other forces – air and land.

Naval exercises BALTOPS has been taking place since 1972 and was organized by the U.S. and since 1993 the exercise has been conducted under the Partnership for Peace program. Lithuanian ships are involved in that military exercise since 1994.

Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania

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