Lithuania – International exercise Baltic Fortress 2012 ongoing off the Baltic shores

From May 4 to 9 international military exercise Baltic Fortress 2012 takes place off the Baltic coast. The maritime military training event includes five Lithuanian and two Latvian war ships and attendees of the Baltic States Naval Staff Officer Course from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia who will graduate with this exercise.

Photo from MOD archive

Ships of the Baltic Mine Countermeasures Squadron (BALTRON) along with the Squadron’s staff also take part in the exercise.

During the exercise crews improve maneuvering, firing, mine neutralization, ship convoying, ship at-sea detention, search and rescue, and support and supply skills. Staff officers are observed and given opportunities to improve as they react to dynamic situations of the simulated military naval operation on the basis of a military conflict scenario imitating threats of terrorism. The exercise is conducted in line with NATO doctrines and procedures.

The Exercise Baltic Fortress was introduced in 2008 and turned into an annual international event giving an opportunity for the listeners of the Baltic States Naval Staff Officer Course to do exercise planning and practice staff procedures across a spectrum of exercise staff levels on the basis of NATO procedures and using operational terms-loaded English.

Combat readiness of the Lithuanian Navy is also tested during the exercise as well as the ability of Lithuania’s warships to engage in joint operations at sea as a single unit is improved.

This year the Lithuanian Navy delegated three listeners to the five-month international Baltic States Naval Staff Officer Course.

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Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania