Korean and U.S. Air Forces conduct joint ‘Buddy Wing Exercise’

The Korean 15th Composite Wing’s 237th Tactical Control Squadron and the U.S. 51st Fighter Wing’s 25th Squadron carried out a joint ‘Buddy Wing Exercise’ on May 24 to have a chance to exchange tactical control duty capabilities.

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Two KA-1 tactical control aircraft from the ROK Air Wing and two A-10 aircraft teamed up for a joint mission.

The exercise was executed in the way that shortly after the KA-1’s received a direction from a joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) in a forward position for the A-10’s to engage in offensive air operations, the former sent the information to the latter to attack only enemy’s ground force without inflicting any loss on friendly force.

The exercise provided the ROKAF and the USAF pilots with a chance to increase understanding with each other through a removal of the obstacles drawn during the mission and through discussions in tactics.

“This exercise offered us an opportunity to exchange an advanced tactical control methods with our counterparts and to adjust the procedures to conduct a joint operation,” Maj. Kim Beom-yang under the 15th Composite Wing said. “We’ll strive to unfailingly defend our country’s airspace.”

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea