Korea – The 30th division upgrades prompt deployment and mobile capabilities through FTX

The 30th Army Infantry Division held a bilateral field training exercise, conducted in a situation of real engagement with the enemy, until Feb. 18 as part of its cold weather training program to further upgrade its wartime operations capabilities.

The 30th Army Infantry Division’s K1A1 tank destroyer fires shells at the targets during its field training exercise conducted until Feb. 18. Provided by the unit
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

In its cold weather training conducted from Feb. 13 to Feb. 18, the division organized two battle groups that would carry out joint missions including reconnaissance, air defense, maintenance, CBR, Communications, and military police.

Aimed at intercepting the enemy, the exercise was performed organically, agilely, and perfectly by the combined forces. The forces comprised both a tank battalion with armored K1A1 tanks and K-200 vehicles on the ground and two army aviation battalions with the armored AH-1S Cobra and 500MD helicopters in the air.

Through this exercise held in the realistic situations in which local provocations and full-scale war could take place, the soldiers further improved their operations capability to implement promptly in the theater of the battle.

The drill helped the trainee soldiers escalating raise their physical strength and perfect adaptability to biting cold weather and promptly deploy them in real combat situations in order to upgrade „the prompt and smooth unit deployment and mobility capabilities“ which is the core characteristic of the unit’s missions.

„We gained a remarkable result from this drill that we could have more confidence than ever in promptly and thoroughly punishing the enemy whenever and wherever it creates any unanticipated provocations, said Lt. Col. Im Ick-seong, the commander of the tank battalion. „On the momentum from their confidence, we will spur ourselves on more and more to build up an offensive-oriented and combative mechanized unit.“

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea