Korea — Naval Special Warfare Group: “We have become much stronger through winter training!”

The Kore­an Naval Spe­cial War­fare Group sol­diers, who act­ed the roles of the cen­tral fig­ures in the suc­cess­ful anti-pira­cy oper­a­tions called “Gulf of Aden Day­break,” suc­cess­ful­ly com­plet­ed a cold weath­er drill held along the coast of Gang­won Province, result­ing in max­i­miz­ing all-weath­er oper­a­tions capa­bil­i­ties. More than 150 UDT/SEAL sol­diers devot­ed them­selves to the mil­i­tary drill from Feb. 5 to Feb. 21 to fur­ther enhance spe­cial mis­sion capa­bil­i­ties.

Naval spe­cial war­fare group mem­bers con­duct a mar­itime inva­sion drill in the severe­ly cold sea. More than 150 UDT/SEAL sol­diers wound up a cold weath­er exer­cise from Feb. 5 to 21 in order to max­i­mize its all-weath­er oper­a­tions capa­bil­i­ties. Pro­vid­ed by the unit
Source: MND, Repub­lic of Korea

The drill began with an infil­tra­tion oper­a­tion and con­tin­ued to hec­ti­cal­ly be con­duct­ed in order of sur­veil­lance and recon­nais­sance, strike, night­time maneu­vers, mar­itime infil­tra­tion, snow-cov­ered moun­tain field march, and build­ing safe havens. In par­tic­u­lar, the long-dis­tance train­ing exer­cise of a 400-kilo­me­ter march helped the unit sub­stan­tial­ly increase, in des­per­ate con­di­tions as run­ning out of sup­plies, the abil­i­ty to return to land.

The sol­diers also exert­ed every effort to under­take mar­itime infil­tra­tion and strike drill with near­by army and air forces to fur­ther con­sol­i­date the Kore­an forces’ joint oper­a­tions capa­bil­i­ties.

Min­istry of Nation­al Defense[MND], Repub­lic of Korea