Korea – Naval Special Warfare Group: „We have become much stronger through winter training!“

The Korean Naval Special Warfare Group soldiers, who acted the roles of the central figures in the successful anti-piracy operations called „Gulf of Aden Daybreak,“ successfully completed a cold weather drill held along the coast of Gangwon Province, resulting in maximizing all-weather operations capabilities. More than 150 UDT/SEAL soldiers devoted themselves to the military drill from Feb. 5 to Feb. 21 to further enhance special mission capabilities.

Naval special warfare group members conduct a maritime invasion drill in the severely cold sea. More than 150 UDT/SEAL soldiers wound up a cold weather exercise from Feb. 5 to 21 in order to maximize its all-weather operations capabilities. Provided by the unit
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

The drill began with an infiltration operation and continued to hectically be conducted in order of surveillance and reconnaissance, strike, nighttime maneuvers, maritime infiltration, snow-covered mountain field march, and building safe havens. In particular, the long-distance training exercise of a 400-kilometer march helped the unit substantially increase, in desperate conditions as running out of supplies, the ability to return to land.

The soldiers also exerted every effort to undertake maritime infiltration and strike drill with nearby army and air forces to further consolidate the Korean forces‘ joint operations capabilities.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea