Korea-India joint researches on the field of national defense initiated

The Korea-India Cooperative Defense Research and Development Committee co-hosted by the Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration (KDAPA) and India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) was held on Feb. 27-29. „The committee is the first conference for the two sides to advance together their defense science and technology, said the KDAPA.

This conference led by the DAPA and DRDO, which are responsible for their country’s defense research and development, dealt with the agendas such as a joint development projects and pending issues about technology cooperation.

During its stay in Korea, Dr. Selvamurthy-led Indian delegation visited the Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD), a core think tank for Korean-designed weapons development, and several major Korean defense industries including Samsung Techwin.

The bilateral cooperation committee held on the basis of the MOU on the S. Korea-India Defense Science and Technology Cooperation that was signed in September 2010 was considered more substantial and formal than ever before.

India’s defense science and technology has been highly regarded in the areas of aerospace, information and technology, and software, all based on advanced fundamental skills. Because it has a lot of supplementation with that of Korea, experts judge, it is highly probable for the two countries to generate a significant synergy effect on the defense science and technology development.

„We will take this cooperation committee as a good opportunity to continue doing S. Korea-India joint research and development,“ a DAPA official said, „furthermore, through such a successful collaboration of the two sides on defence technology development, we are expected to cut the research and development budget, shorten the development duration, and, by so doing, further promote the export of military supplies by co-producing them and creating new markets. As a result, the committee is anticipated to play a role as the hub of the joint research and development in the Asian region.“

During the last Cold War, India stuck to a nonalignment policy, so there was no close relations between the two. However, since 2000, the relations had been gradually developed. This developed relations have been more advanced since January 2010 when S. Korean President Lee Myeong-bak visited India. During his visit, the two countries agreed to build a strategic partnership, resulting in being led to a full range of mutual relations.

Also, „India seems to has been increasing in exercising the political influence in the international society,“ foreign affairs and security experts diagnose, „in that sense, this cooperation committee provided us with the clearly visible consolidation of the defense cooperation of the two countries.“

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea