Korea – Combat-Oriented Force „Fighting as Much as be Trained“

A tank battalion under the direction of the 1st Marine Division made every possible effort to execute a winter combat readiness exercise consisting of intensive field tactical maneuvers and combat firing drills. Conducted in an operation range during Feb. 14-18, this exercise, composed of the whole personnel and equipment of the tank battalion, was designed to boost its combat ability.

An armored K-1 tank of the 1st Marine Division fires a shot, laying down a smoke screen. The tank battalion under the marine division has conducted field tactical maneuvers and combat firing exercises since Feb. 14. Provided by the unit
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

The battalion first set up the missions and selected the location for this exercise, and then devoted itself to practicing the procedure for change to wartime, strengthening many small-unit tactical situational training capability, and enhancing marksmanship. In addition, the unit tried to preserve combat capabilities in unpredictable situations and improve its prompt reaction ability under various situations assigned to strike a blow to the enemy.

In particular, in a marksmanship practice drill carried out in the mechanized shooting range of the Division, they put all of their efforts in consolidating enough shooting skills to „hit the enemy with the first shot.“

The exercise was organized to enhance skill of shooting from the tank appropriately according to a fixed, moving, or unexpected target, taking into consideration fire support and the enemy’s tactics from the breakthrough of the enemy’s trenches to the seizure of the target.

„All the Battalion members strive to boost their mission capability so that they can display 100 percent of combat strength under any combat condition,“ said Lt. Col. Kim Yeong-han, „through such improved capabilities, they will be able to achieve the intended results of elevating all-weather maneuverability and marksmanship ability.

On the other hand, the 1st Marine Division set up a training objective for this year which is to enhance combat operations capabilities of all of the battalions and equivalent units, and also planned to revitalize field training programs such as a 100-km tactical march, mountain field exercise, airborne training, and cold snowing weather training. The Division made an additional plan to establish a real combat-oriented troop, whose mission is to perfectly fulfill assigned duties and roles, based on mission command of battalion-levelled units.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea