Korea – Army artillery brigade conducts counter-firing drill aim to destroy sources of provocations

“No problem with our counterfire warfare!” The Army Capital Defense Artillery Brigade successfully completed a wartime counterfire warfare drill on June 13.

K-9 self-propelled guns of the Army Capital Defense Artillery Brigade fire their shells. Provided by the unit
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

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Carried out as part of the battalion drill that was started on May 21, this artillery drill was designed primarily to maximize realistic firing skills in conjunction with surveillance assets such as an artillery hunting radar (ARTHUR), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and enemy area operations in depth. A K-9 self-propelled gun and KH-179 towed artillery battalions of the Brigade participated in the drill.

The artillery exercise, which began at 8 a.m. on the same day, was conducted intensively for 10 hours. The unit intensely fired 200 155-mm artillery rounds to enhance counterfire warfare capabilities in conjunction with the detection assets.

Another aim of the drill was at fulfilling what the Joint Chiefs of Staff has recently stressed, that is, quickly punishing the sources of the enemy’s provocations, its support forces and core command posts.

During the drill, the participating unit also displayed ways to fire hastily and at maximum rate of fire to hone its ability to counter-strike the epicenter of the enemy’s provocation and core command centers.

The hasty fire is a way to open fire shells as exemplified by the K9 Thunder firing three artillery rounds per 15 seconds. The maximum rate of fire can be exemplified by the K9 Thunder firing 6 shells per minute and by the KH179 towed 155mm field artillery howitzer four rounds per minute.

The artillery exercise began with designating the area the unit’s shells hit as the enemy area, and then the artillery target intelligence gathered by an ARTHUR and a UAV was sent to the All-Source Intelligence Center (ASIC) of the Army Corps and the Operations Control Center (OCC) of the Artillery Brigade.

Soon afterward, the enemy’s position was confirmed. Lastly, the confirmed artillery target intelligence was issued to the Brigade’s artillery battalion, and immediately the battalion got to intensely fire shells towards the target.

“We all of the unit members took part in the drill with resolute determination, because we thought provocations from the enemy happen before our very eyes,” said Lt. Col. Ahn Jeong-soo. “The drill offered all the battalion members a good opportunity to practice the procedure for counterfire warfare and strengthen our capabilities to sternly punish an enemy provocation with powerful artillery pieces.”

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea