Korea and U.S. seek bioterror response and cooperation

Korea and the United States conducted their joint annual four-day Bioterror Defense Exercise 2012 from May 15 at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA).

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Jointly hosted by Korean and U.S. Defense and Health-Welfare Ministries, the exercise was designed to be held at a national level to check a joint response system against not only natural bio-diseases like avian influenza but also bioterror threats.

The two countries also sought the bilateral cooperation to enhance their capabilities to defend possible biological attacks.

Annually held a second time since last year, this exercise had more than 190 personnel from more than 50 biological war-related agencies of the two governments.

The entire exercise was a discussion-based exercise. The first three days were alloted to the working-level participants’ situational training exercise and the last day to higher-level personnel’s seminar.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea