Korea and U.S. conduct joint strike forces mobilization drill

The ROKAF 5th Tactical Airlift Wing and a U.S. unit on May 10 conducted a joint strike forces mobilization and base defense drills.

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The drill was aimed at measuring the communication skills between Korea and U.S. base defense troops and at improving the capabilities to react against enemy asymmetric fighting power.

This drill included 40 operations members, armored vehicles, armed patrol vehicles, of the wing, and combat members and armored Humbee vehicles of the U.S. unit. The drill began with a notification that said the U.S. special operations troops was about to infiltrate.

Immediately after the wing’s base operations department announced a Korea-U.S. joint base defense drill through loudspeakers and a trunked radio system (TRS) in Korean and English, and the U.S. troops were deployed to the operations area by the unit’s major items of equipment.

Shortly after, the joint efforts of the wing’s strike forces and the U.S. troops destroyed enemy special operations forces, thus finalizing the drill.

The 5th Tactical Airlift Wing, in particular, took this drill as an opportunity to sharpen their operations situation announcement capabilities by conducting a Korea-U.S. joint communication exercise from start to finish under the direction of the officer conduction exercise.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea